Improve your home wireless network


Improve your home wireless network

Over time numbers of devices connected growth in our house and all of them are consuming your network bandwidth, and most of the time it challenges our routeur's capability and push them out of their limits.

If you do not want to wire all your connected devices with an ethernet cable (including Devialet products), you may need to improve your home wireless network (WiFi network). 

The more WiFi devices that you use in your home, the stronger you must make your WiFi installation. 

This article will give you some tips and hints on the way to solidify your wifi strength to support this new home standard and limits the number of issues, connected devices may face (drop, discovery, micro-cuts, chopped sound, etc...)



Basic wireless installation

A basic WiFi installation is the router provided by your internet provider. Internet provider delivers a internet box which is a bridge between the WiFi signal (home connector) to the internet. All devices connected to the WiFi will then be able to navigate on internet.

The range, loading capacity and speed of this signal is standard and will at some point not be sufficient when several connected devices are in use. 


For exemple:



An insufficient WiFi network may create the following issues: 

  • Chopped sound or micro cuts from connected speaker
  • Disappearing Devialet Product into the APP (discovery phase)
  • Short black screens while streaming video 
  • Slow internet on phone and computers using WiFi 

You then need to upgrade and improve your home WiFi installation.


Improved wireless installation

You can not completely replace the router provided by your internet provider, because you still need to tap into the cloud via optical fiber or ADSL. However, you must replace its WiFi signal component with a robust one or at least optimize your current setup to avoid some issue while playing with your Phantom(s) or your Devialet Dione.

  • Optimize your existing WiFi Signal 

Current WiFi technologies are offering 2 specific bands:

  • 2.4 GHz
  • 5 GHz

Both of this bands have they own specificity and capability. 2.4 GHz is the generic/standard band offered by any internet box, and in most of the situation can be enough to do regular things (web browsing, checking emails etc...), but considering the number of connected devices, their internal consumption of bandwidh, and the band saturation, we highly recommend to set Devialet products into the 5GHz band.

Also, most of the time both bands are using the same wifi name therefore you think using the best band to stream but your material (mobile or even your Devialet Phantom) are switching from a band to another band (from 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz most of the time and rarely the inverse).

First advice we can share with is to:

  • Change the name of the 2.4 GHz Wifi and the 5 GHz, this way your connected device won't move from a band to another.
  • Redo your product setup with the 5 GHz which is the most robust band on your wifi signal  

In case you don't know how to do this manipulation, we suggest you to contact your internet service provider.



  • Create a better WiFi signal / Network

You can purchase a device dedicated to create your own WiFi signal without depending on the internet provider's router (meaning you will be the only one able to control its settings). 


Connect this new WiFi router with an ethernet cable to your internet provider's router so that you can tap in the internet cloud. You can then set it up to create a 5GHz network in your home. This signal will be faster and stronger than a base one, you will then be able to use more connected devices. 


If your home is large and you need to stretch this WiFi signal between several floors, you may also need to extend it all around your home especially in trouble locations.




  • Extend your WiFI signal / network 

When you purchase an external WiFi router to create a private WiFi network, the manufacturer will often also propose a small antenna / relays to extend the signal all around the house. 

Once you have created the improved WiFi signal, simply plug these antennas in some of your rooms to make sure you have the same quality of wifi reception everywhere. 





Some product suggestions

Create a better wifi signal

Tenda AC1200

Routeur Wifi Asus

Amazon eero

Google Wifi 

Extend your wifi signal


Amazon eero

Google Wifi 



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