Sound Quality and Streaming Services on Phantom


Sound Quality and Streaming Services on Phantom


There are 3 main categories to designate the quality of a sound file:

  • Lossy: A file compression in which some original data is lost for maximum size reduction.
  • Lossless or CD Quality: The compression keeps the original data intact, but still reduces the size.
  • Hi-Res: A file with no compression. The highest quality file with the biggest size.

Phantom is compatible with these 3 categories. However, not all streaming services offer all three sound quality options.

Note: Please keep in mind that the higher the bit rate and kbps of a music stream are, the higher the file's quality will be (because it will contain more detail). 




  • Classic: Lossy MP3 (128kbps/320kbps)
  • HIFI: Lossless CD (16-bit/44.1khz)


  • Studio Premier: Lossless CD (16-bit/44.1kHz) and Hi-Res (24-bit/96)


  • Premium: Lossy OGG Vorbis (320 kbps)


  • Apple Music: Lossy AAC (256 kbps)


  • Premium: Lossy AAC (320 kbps)
  • Hifi: Lossless CD (16-bit/44.1khz) and Hi-Res (24-bit/96khz)


  • Unlimited: Lossy MP3 (320kbps)
  • HD: Lossless CD (16-bit/44.1khz) and Hi-Res (24-bit/96khz)



An audio system consists of several elements, for instance:

  • A source where the music is stored (like the music servers at Spotify)
  • A streaming protocol to send music to your speaker (such as Bluetooth)
  • The hardware capabilities of your audio speaker (defined by the components in its motherboard)

These 3 elements must be compatible with the sound format you want to reproduce to obtain the desired sound. Let's say that you have a Tidal subscription capable of delivering music at 24-bit/96khz. To do that, you will have to: 

  • Find a song in Tidal available at their "Master" quality format (24-bit/96khz).
  • Send that song to your speaker with a streaming protocol compatible with the 24-bit/96khz format from Tidal.
  • Play that stream on a speaker with hardware capable of reading the 24-bit/96khz format from Tidal.

Devialet Phantom is currently compatible with the following streaming protocols: 

  • Bluetooth up to 16-bit/44.1khz
  • Airplay 2 up to 16-bit/44.1khz
  • Spotify Connect at 320 kbps
  • UPnP at 24bit-48khz or more



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