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Core Infinity Log - November 15th

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Testing, testing...

Our latest DOS-2.2.0-alpha 3 + Firmware 11.5.7 release is being tested, here is where we stand.

Main features supported in DOS-2.2.0-alpha 3 + Firmware 11.5.7

Air | Airplay | Spotify Connect | Roon+Expert Pro | UPNP Renderer

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1. Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect lets you listen to your music on your Expert Pro connected to the internet by using the Spotify app as a remote control (track selection, play/pause, volume control etc...).

For more information, please visit

Please note that a Spotify Premium account is required to use Spotify Connect.



2/ AirPlay®

The Apple AirPlay® technology lets you wirelessly stream music and video content from an iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad), a Mac, a PC with iTunes or any other compatible app, straight to your Expert Pro system connected to the same network.



The Roon integration of our AIR protocol. We are finalizing with Roon a fully-compatible and improved release.

Roon Advanced Audio Transport is already on our roadmap, we are looking into how we can speed it up. There are some other groundwork developments already underway, and we will have a better vision in the coming months. We heard you loud and clear and will, of course, keep you updated.


4. UPnP Renderer

Current tests on UPnP show successful support across main NAS providers apps such as Qnap or Synology as well as software supporting UPnP such as Audirvana.

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Updates on known bugs

  1. Apple WAC setup can be only done once and cannot be modified.
  2. When using a streaming source like AirPlay or Spotify Connect, the volume is capped at -12dB for the safety of your devices and ears. Using your physical Remote volume can go above -12dB but we have encountered issues where the volume automatically reverts back to -12dB.
  3. Volume control on Spotify Connect is in +/- 8dB increments for now.
  4. When playing music with Spotify Connect and manually switching to AirPlay on your Expert Pro, or vice versa, the newly selected source might not play any music.
  5. We have been experiencing some sporadic audio drops while playing 192kHz HD files. We optimized our audio pipeline code and are validating these changes.
  6. Minor display issues on Dual-Mono configurations but now fully supported.

We are working on fixing all issues and will continue doing QA. Check back here for more in the next few days.


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Cet article vous a-t-il été utile ?

Utilisateurs qui ont trouvé cela utile : 39 sur 41


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    Ludovic Ugolini

    Cher support,

    ou se trouve la vidéo des tests Devialet Air ? Ou en êtes-vous ?


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    Arnaud Forgiel

    Un grand merci pour ces précisions! Je viens de placer la commande de la carte Core Infinity dans votre système ;)

    Bien cordialement,


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