Devialet Dione Placement and central sphere orientation


Devialet Dione Placement and central sphere orientation

Devialet Dione and the central sphere: ORB®️


In addition to hosting one active speaker and two passive radiators, Devialet Dione's central sphere is an aesthetic nod to our iconic speaker, Phantom.

The central sphere can rotate 180° clockwise, so it can visually and acoustically maintain its front-facing position whether wall-mounted or when placed flat on a piece of furniture.


Devialet Dione ORB®️ supports two distinct orientations according to the placement of the soundbar.




1. Placed on a shelf or TV credenza

To install Devialet Dione in a flat position : 

Place Devialet Dione on a stable and flat surface next to your TV. Make sure to leave some space between the wall and Devialet Dione. Avoid placing any objects on top of the soundbar, and always leave the sides of the soundbar unobstructed. The sound will bounce off the surrounding walls to disperse throughout the whole room.


ORB®️ by default in the correct orientation for a flat placement/credenza installation.


         2. Mounted  on a Wall

To fix Devialet Dione on a wall, carefully read the wall-mount guide inside the cardboard box marked "Wall-mount guide." You will find a dedicated article on wall-mounting HERE 

Once placed on a wall, if not done already, you will have to adjust the central sphere orientation to optimize Devialet Dione’s performance.


Please exercise caution when moving the sphere.

  • Place your index finger on top of the ORB®️ and the thumb below.
  • Turn your hand 180° clockwise (do not turn the sphere the other way).
  • You may encounter some resistance at the beginning of the operation.
  • Turn until you hear a click. The Devialet logo should end up in front of you.



In addition to the physical placement of the soundbar and the Orb rotation, you will need to modify the Devialet App settings to match the orientation of Devialet Dione correctly.


Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Devialet App
  2. Select the Room associated with Devialet Dione
  3. Go to the "Advanced Settings" by clicking on the top-right icon
  4. Click on the app menu named "Devialet Dione Position" 
  5. Select the correct position,
  6. You can choose the "Automatic" option to use Devialet Dione internal sensors and intelligently detect the current position of the soundbar.





Placement How to place the central sphere
On a shelf Product_Tips__On-Shelf_.jpg
Mounted on a wall Product_Tips__On-Wall_.jpg
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