How do I connect my DJ mixer to a Phantom?


How do I connect my DJ mixer to a Phantom?

We have a solution for this called "optical direct mode". 
Note: this bypasses ALL wifi functionality.  This means you would only be able to use the physical input of the speaker when in this mode.  If you wish to return to streaming, you would have to reset the speaker in order to take it out of optical direct.
  • Very important, make sure the speaker is up to date - this functionality was recently added.
  • Factory reset (long press and hold) details here
  • Connect the speaker to LAN with an ethernet cable
  • Use network scanner app to find IP address of the speaker (I like Fing, for iPhone - just make sure the device is on the network)
  • Type this IP address into any web browser (again, computer must be on the same network)
  • This brings up a panel of settings, from here, optical direct mode can be selected
On Optical direct mode your speaker is not featuring the SAM functions, user should be careful and refrain from sending too much signal to the speaker since it won't have overload protection. We suggest that you implement a limiter at the end of their DJ chain, before the Phantom, as a safeguard.
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