How to update Phantom II Custom


How to update Phantom II Custom

Phantom II Custom is a 2-way active loudspeaker, specifically engineered to provide unique experiences in custom whole home audio and commercial spaces with advanced professional features such as Dante network and analog/AES input.


To update Phantom II Custom with the latest firmware :

  • Start by wiring Phantom II Custom to Ethernet.
  • Then turn on Phantom II and wait 30 seconds for it to start.
  • Access the configuration webpage by typing the IP address of the product in the search bar of your browser connected to the same network.
    • You can use third party software such as "Localsites" or "IP Scanner" to retrieve the IP address of the product.
    • You can also use your router's control app or administration console to find the IP address of the product.
  • Once on the configuration page, go to the Update section.


  • Then choose the correct file to upload the firmware
    • You can access the latest firmware version on our helpcenter here
    • Make sure to use the file named “DOSCI-x-x-x.can” where x.x.x is the version number. Do not use the .zip file as is.


  • Wait until the file upload and verifications are over. The webpage should display a confirmation message
  • Wait until the firmware is correctly installed. It should take a couple of minutes. After the installation, the product will reboot automatically. You can see that the product is rebooting when the indicator light at the back starts blinking.
    • Wait until the light indicator stop blinking. The product is then ready to be used.
    • You can check that the new version has been correctly installed by connecting to the configuration webpage again and checking the firmware version in the General section.



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