Devialet Arch - Guide


Devialet Arch - Guide

In February 2020, Devialet released the Arch. The high quality phono stage made by Devialet can be used with Devialet Phantoms (running DOS 2.12.3 or later).

Devialet Arch is an accessory designed exclusively for the DOS 2 ecosystem (Phantom I,II). Devialet Arch is a new genre of product that allows any of your audio sources including a turntable to connect to the DOS 2 ecosystem wirelessly. You will now be able to select Arch as a source on the Devialet App and play the content through Phantoms.

It will provide the user with a high resolution signal path from the source to the speaker. Devialet Arch will also provide you the option to place your devices with much more flexibility. You can now put your sources in one room and put the speakers in another room.

  1. What is Devialet Arch?
  2. What's in the box?
  3. What are the available connections?
  4. How many inputs does Arch have?
  5. How to set up Arch?
  6. What are other settings available?
  7. FAQ

1. What is Devialet Arch?

Devialet Arch is an accessory designed exclusively for Phantom speakers (Premier, Reactor, I, II). A high-quality pre-amplified streaming box that can distribute a signal wirelessly to your Phantom system.

In other words, Arch becomes a source in the Devialet App to stream content to your Phantoms. It has a single RCA input that can be used for sources such as a Turntable, CD Player, etc. .
This input can be used as a Phono input, Line input, or two digital inputs. The output is only for Phantom I or Phantom II, and this can stream a signal to Phantom via Ethernet, PLC, or Wi-Fi.





2. What's in the box?

  • Warranty Book
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Arch
  • Power Cable (different plug for different countries)

3.What are the available connections?

  • Ethernet RJ45
  • Wi-Fi
  • PLC (to communicate with the speakers)

4. How many inputs does Arch Have?

There is a set of RCA(L&R channels) input for below usage:

  • Phono Stage (also works as a preamp) for turntable
  • Line Input
  • Digital Input

5. How to set up Arch?

Step 1:

 Plug in the Arch power cable & Ethernet cable (Ethernet optional but recommended)

- The Arch will turn on automatically

- Once the LED light becomes solid green, it's ready for setup

Note: You need to set up the Phantom before setting up your Arch.


Step 2:

 Open the Devialet App

- Press the settings on the top-left

- Chose "Add a new product"

- Select the Arch and chose "SET UP NOW"

- Type in the Wi-Fi SSID & password if you want to do a wireless setup

- Press the button on the Arch

- Set your preferred input (Phono, Line, Digital)


Step 3:

Plug in the cables

- Based on your equipment and previous settings, connect your audio source to Arch via the appropriate cable. 

RCA if Analog

Coax if Digital.


Step 4:

Select Arch as the source

- Arch will be accessible for all the zones.

- Once selected, you will be able to stream the content from your player to Devialet products.





Here's a video tutorial:


6. What are other settings available?

- You can change the audio source at anytime (Please make sure you chose the correct input for your device)


- You can change the sensitivity for Phono & Line inputs








- You can activate/deactivate "auto-switch" for digital inputs












Input Specs & Recommendations: 

Type of input Specificities and recommendations
  • Phono mode features a phono preamplifier, applying gain and RIAA curve to the incoming signal
  • Gain applied is around +45dB, do not connect a line level signal while in phono mode
  • Background noise can be reduced using the tonearm ground
  • Cable is composed by a left | right and the ground
  • Adjusting the sensibility of gain might be necessary during your first listening session

Two type of cartridges 

  • MM (Moving Magnet)
  • MC (Moving Coil) generally has its output level lower than a MM

Note: We only support high output level MC cartridges. Regular MC cartridges are not supported by Arch

  • The line input can be used for a variety of audio sources (the best example is a CD Player, Cassette Deck.
  • The input is composed of a left and right RCA cable (White/Red).
  • There is no need for ground connection with this setup.
  • The Digital Coaxial input is composed of a single digital cable, one connector carries both left and right signals, therefore one cable is sufficient.
  • Impedance needed is 75 Ohms
  • It's generally used as an output by a number of digital audio sources (such as computers, streamers.


Please note that you can always modify the type of input or adjust gains on a Line or Phono input after the setup.


To switch or modify the type of input after the initial setup:

  • Open Devialet app
  • Go into your app settings by selecting the wheel in the top left corner on your start screen
  • Select "My Products"
  • You will find Arch under the Accessories area. Select it. 
  • Next to the type of input, there is a toggle button to activate/deactivate that source (Phono, Line, Digital Left, or Digital Right)

To add or reduce the gain on your Arch (Phono and Line input only):

  • Open Devialet app
  • Go into your app settings by selecting the wheel on the top left corner on your start screen
  • Select “My Products”
  • You will find Arch under the Accessories area. Select it. 
  • Just below the type of input you selected (Phono/Line) you will see a “Sensibility” slider
  • Make the necessary adjustments during a listening session to ensure that you are entering the desired values.

For your information, here are the factory values for each source:

  • Phono - 5.0 mV (slider can go from 0.5 mV to 10mV)
  • Line - 2.0 V (slider can go from 0.5V to 4.0V)

7. FAQ


1. What does Devialet Arch do?

- It connects to your audio sources (turntable or CD-player) and it will allow that source to have wireless functionality. You will be able to have several Devialet Arch's in your home, one for each player, all of them will be selectable on the Devialet app.


2. Can Arch be used in different countries? 

- Yes, just like our speakers, the Arch itself is a universal product that can be used in different countries.



3. What's on the back?

- A power input, Ethernet RJ45 port, RCA connector (L&R), ground pin (for turntables, removable).


4. Is there a physical button?

- Yes, there is a button on the top and a LED indicator light next to it, much like your Phantom II.


5. How to reset?

- There is a reset button under the Arch, insert a small pin into the hole to reset.


6. Will the network interfaces change the sound quality?

- No, you will get the same sound quality no matter if the Arch is connected via PLC, Wi-Fi, or Ethernet.


7. Is the Arch compatible with other brand's speakers?

- No, Arch is only compatible with Devialet Phantom.


8. Which Devialet app will support Devialet Arch?

- The official full support will be included in the Devialet app 1.14/ DOS 2.12.3 and later.


9. Heat performance?

- There will be heat, but not too much. You can hide the Arch in a drawer, but of course, it still needs a strong signal (or PLC).


10. Can it work with multiroom?

- Yes, when the Phantoms are configured as stereo or multiroom, selecting the Arch as the source allows all of them to play at the same time.


11. Can I remove the ground pin?

- Ground pin is mandatory if you're using a Phono input, it is removable, yet we strongly recommend you to leave it.



12. Can I use the right port for digital instead of left port?

- Yes, it can be reconfigured in the App.



13. When Arch is set as a Digital source, can I use two inputs separately?

Yes, when Arch is configured in Digital, inputs will double, and you can use them separately.



14. Can I use Arch with an Expert or an Expert Pro product?

It can not be used with Expert or Expert Pro audio systems.

Arch has been designed exclusively for Phantom I and Phantom II.



15. If I change my Wi-Fi network settings, what should I do to make Arch work again?

 There is a process to reset your Arch:

  • Turn your Arch upside down
  • On the bottom of Arch, there is a small hole to be used for reset purposes. Insert a small pin into the hole for few seconds
  • The LED will react to confirm the command
  • Please start the setup process again


16. Is there anything else I should know about this accessory?

Please remember that there is no limit on how many Arch you can use as far as your network bandwidth allows it. We recommend using Ethernet whenever possible to ensure the smoothest signal transmission from your Arch to your speakers.

On a separate note, Arch is only working with DOS 2 - so if you want to use Arch in your setup, you will need to ensure your system is up-to-date and not piloted via Spark. Please consult THIS ARTICLE for details.


17. Compatibility


Phantom I Phantom II Devialet Dione Devialet Mania
compatible compatible not compatible not compatible


18. Can I connect a subwoofer to Phantom with Arch?

No, Arch is made to stream a source to Phantom. It is not possible to add a subwoofer with it.



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