The Devialet App - User Guide


The Devialet App - User Guide

  1. Which Devialet products need the Devialet app to work?
  2. Welcome screen
  3. Room page
    1. Piloting the Room
    2. Room Settings
    3. Speaker Advanced menu
    4. AV Sync Menu
    5. Network interface Menu
  4. Frequently Asked Questions

Which Devialet products need the Devialet app to work?

The Devialet App is the application for Phantom Premier and Phantom Reactor running our newest operating system,  DOS2. If you have recently bought your products, they will come with DOS2 installed from the factory. Otherwise, they might still be running on DOS1, which works with our previous app, Spark.

The Devialet App is available for iOS and Android devices. It allows you to: 

  • Install the speaker
  • Control the volume
  • Check and update the firmware version of your speaker
  • Adjust the sound latency of your speaker
  • Choose how your speaker connects to the network




Home Screen

1. Welcome screen

This screen displays the current zones with Phantom speakers. 

The wheel icon in the top left corner allows you to access the Settings menu.




2. APP Settings

Here you will be able to:

  • Install a new product
  • Find information about your registered products
  • Log into your customer account
  • Look for product updates
  • Contact our customer service or send us a bug report
  • Verify the Devialet APP version




Room page

1. Piloting the Room

This screen displays the knob to raise or lower the volume of the selected zone. You can also mute the sound by pressing the icon on its center.

At the bottom, the available source options are displayed:

  • Online (Spotify Connect, Airplay, etc.) 
  • Aux (Optical input)  
  • Bluetooth

Please keep in mind that these options will open a tutorial on how to use the desired source. This app won't trigger source activation except for Bluetooth. 


The icon with three bars in the top right corner provides access to the listening room settings. 




2. Room Settings

System: In this section, you will be able to change the name of your listening zone.


Channels: If you have two speakers playing in stereo, you can identify which one is playing the right or left channel by tapping on each of the icons identified with the word Left/Right. You can also reverse the stereo channels by pressing the double arrow between the two speakers or split the speaker pair.


Speakers: By pressing on the Phantom icon (ex: Living Room Left), you can access the selected speaker's advanced menu. 



3. Speaker Advanced menu

This screen displays the model, serial number, and firmware version of the selected Phantom, as well as the following sub-menus:


AV sync: controls the optical source latency

Network interface: selects the desired connection protocol for the speaker

The Optical Autoswitch function will activate your speaker's optical input every time the connected source is turned on.




4. AV Sync Menu

Please keep in mind that all Phantoms placed in the same room must have the same AV sync and Network interface parameters.




5. Network interface Menu

Please keep in mind that all Phantoms placed in the same room must have the same AV sync and Network interface parameters.



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to send a bug report?
    • A bug report will help our Customer Service team understand what's the issue with your speaker.
    • To send us one, please follow these steps: Home Screen > Settings > Help > Send a bug report.
  2. How do I know the version of my Devialet app?
    • Please follow these steps: Home Screen > Settings > About > you will see the app version on top.


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