Release Notes - DOS 2.11.5


Release Notes - DOS 2.11.5

On October 13, 2020, we released the firmware DOS 2.11.5 for Phantom Premier and Phantom Reactor.

This release includes the following improvements (compared to DOS 2.11.3):

  • Improved system robustness on some older Phantom Premier models.
  • Fixed loss of sound sometimes occurring when rebooting one device in a stereo pair.
  • Improvements related to the direct optical mode for Phantom Premier (recommended for professional use only).

Important note: All your devices must be updated to DOS 2.10 or later in order to work correctly in multiroom or stereo configurations.

Because of the network restrictions, some customers in Mainland China using Android may not be able to detect the availability of the DOS 2.11.5 update. We are actively working on preparing an alternate solution for these cases

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