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How to use my Devialet Gemini?

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On October 10th, 2020, Devialet will announce Devialet Gemini. These are the first wireless earbuds made by Devialet.


  1. 1. What is inside Devialet Gemini?
  2. 2. What are the main differences with competitors?
  3. 3. How to use my Devialet Gemini?
  4. 4. What is the purpose of the Gemini app?
  5. 5. How to perform the mobile app setup and the first pairing?
  6. 6. What are the available sound modes?
  7. 7. What are the sound designs of my Devialet Gemini?
  8. 8. FAQ

1. What is inside a Devialet Gemini box?

When you purchase a Devialet Gemini, you will find in the box:

  • 2 earbuds
  • a charging case
  • a cable to charge the charging case
  • a quick start guide
  • 3 pairs of ear tips


Product Specifications:

  • Frequency response: 5Hz to 20KHz
  • 1 full-range per earbud | Custom high-excursion Devialet driver
  • Total weight: 92g
  • Length: 78 mm (3 inches) | Width: 54 mm (2.1 inches) | Height: 28 mm (1.1 inches)
  • 1 microphone dedicated for voice transmission
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Audio: aptX, AAC, SBC codecs with AVRCP, A2DP, HFP, HSP Bluetooth profiles
  • Battery performance:
      • Earbuds: up to 7h with ANC off | 1.5h for a full charge
      • Charging case: 24+ h of listening time in total | 3.5h for a full charge




2. What are the main differences with competitors?

At Devialet, we are always looking to offer to our customers the best sound quality in the great design.


To reach the ultimate sound quality, we worked on several patents that shape our sound rendering.


  • Internal Delay Compensation (IDC®️) - Our patented algorithm perfectly compensates for the internal delay generated by a noise cancellation loop. The result: a significant gain in noise cancellation, especially at higher frequencies.


  • Pressure Balance Architecture  (PBA®️) -

    Devialet invented an acoustic architecture of cascading decompression chambers that ensure ideal inner pressure at all times.

    Each chamber is coated with custom acoustic mesh that proactively stops external noise from entering the system, ensuring effective Active Noise Cancellation. The result is an intimate listening experience with unspoiled sound.


  • Ear Active Matching (EAM®️) - Devialet Gemini owes its superior sound quality to a proprietary Ear Active Matching algorithm. The algorithm instantly captures the listener's specific ear shape and automatically tailors the signal to the ear up to 10,000 times per second, ensuring a fully immersive and intimate listening experience.





3. How to use my Devialet Gemini?

There are two ways to use Devialet Gemini: pair it to your phone via Bluetooth (out of the box) or use the mobile app to access your product's advanced settings and features.

In both cases, pairing will be done via Bluetooth with your phone.


To pair your Devialet Gemini, follow these steps:

  • Activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop
  • Search for Bluetooth devices
  • Slide open the charging case
  • Keep the earbuds inside the charging case
  • Press for 2 seconds the front button on the charging case
  • Once you find a "Gemini L" on your phone via the Bluetooth search, pair your phone to the first earbud
  • An additional pop-up message will appear several seconds later to pair the second earbud. You should wait for and accept this pop-up message.
  • When this part is done, put Devialet Gemini into your ears and enjoy.



4. What is the purpose of the Devialet Gemini mobile app?











Our Devialet Gemini mobile app allows you to:

  • complete the setup of your Gemini
  • get a detailed view of the battery status
  • customize your experience with Noise cancellation mode and Transparency mode
  • customize the touch controls (action on double press)



Below are the link to download the Devialet Gemini APP:























5. How to perform the mobile app setup and the first pairing?





First, download the mobile app from your store (Google Play or Apple App Store for iOS). Then:

  • Open the app 
  • Slide open the charging case
  • Keep the earbuds inside the charging case
  • Go into your phone's Bluetooth settings
  • Search for Bluetooth devices 
  • Pair your phone to Gemini (see section 3 above for details)

After this first pairing, open the Devialet Gemini mobile app, register your products, and follow the steps to perform sealing adjustments and calibration.






































6. What are the available sound modes?

Via the Devialet Gemini app, you can set different modes for the sound quality:

From the welcome page of the app, once your earbuds are connected, you will find the following options:


Select the right sound mode, depending on your usage and your preference. 

By default (without the app), the selected mode is NEUTRAL.





7. What are the sound designs of my Devialet Gemini?


Action How/when is this sound design activated? Sound Design


  • The source is connected. You can play music


  • you don't have any source connected. The last one is lost

ANC to Transparency

  • Now you are in transparency mode

Transparency to ANC

Now you are in ANC mode

ANC or Transparency OFF

You have disabled one of these options

Call rejected

You have rejected the call

During set-up

You have selected the right device in the app

Sealing test

Music when sealing test starts

Sealing test is OK

The sealing test is complete

Sealing yest is not OK

You must change the ear tip on one or both ears

Battery low (10% left )


Battery critical (1% left)


Max volume reached


Min volume reached





  • What are the minimum requirements for the Devialet Gemini app?

On an iOS phone, the minimum required is iOS 12.

On an Android phone, the minimum required is Android 6.

However, even if your phone does not fulfil these requirements, you can still pair your phone via Bluetooth to your Devialet Gemini, but you won't have access to the additional settings available in the Gemini app.


  • Can I use the app on my tablet? 

No, we did not consider a tablet to be a good support for this kind of device and application. However, you can still pair your Devialet Gemini to a tablet via its Bluetooth settings.


  • Can I adjust the sound and frequencies with Devialet Gemini?

You can adjust frequencies and gain. There is a 6-band equalizer in the settings of the Devialet Gemini app. To access it, please follow the steps below:

  • Make sure your Devialet Gemini are connected to your phone
  • Open the app
  • Go into the settings of the app via the icon on the top right 
  • Scroll to the Audio section
  • Select Audio Preferences

From there, you can manually adjust your equalizer to set a custom profile or use the pre-set options.


There is a balance option, as well. Use the slider to adjust it based on your preference.




  • Can I change the name of my Devialet Gemini to recognize them easily when pairing them?

Of course, you can modify the name of your Devialet Gemini by following these steps:

  • Make sure your Devialet Gemini are connected to your phone via Bluetooth
  • Open the app
  • Go into the setting of the app via the icon on the top right 
  • Enter the new name (e.g., "Lisa") to modify the name of your Gemini




  • What audio codecs will Devialet Gemini be compatible with? 

Devialet Gemini is compatible with aptX, AAC, SBC codecs and it supports AVRCP, A2DP, HFP, HSP Bluetooth profiles.



  • What languages will be available in the Devialet Gemini app? 

Devialet Gemini app will be available in:

  • English
  • French
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese
  • Indonesian
  • Dutch



  • Does Devialet Gemini support multipoint Bluetooth?

Devialet Gemini does not support multipoint Bluetooth. However, Devialet Gemini is able to keep in memory up to 8 different devices, and you can switch between them easily via the Bluetooth settings of your connected sources (e.g., disable the phone pairing and activate your tablet pairing to switch between your phone and your tablet).


  • Can Devialet Gemini be used for phone calls?

Of course, Devialet Gemini can be used for phone calls or phone conferences (once paired to the device which will be connected to the conference call).


  • What are the touch gestures I can use with Devialet Gemini?

During a playback, here are the available gestures:

  • Single press is for Play / Pause
  • Double press is for Voice assistant or Next / Previous (this can be configured in the app)
  • Long press is for Change audio mode (Noise cancellation <> Transparency)

Available gestures related to phone calls:

  • Single press does not perform any action
  • Double press is for Picking up a phone call (works from both earbuds) but also to Hang up a call
  • Long press is for Rejecting a call


  • Is Devialet Gemini fitting for sport?

Devialet Gemini has not been initially designed for this purpose, however we did operate a batch of internal test during sport sessions and the outcome is positively good for biking and running! Of course, the most important part before starting a sport session is to ensure the good adherence of Gemini in your ears.



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