Differences between Expert 220 Pro and Expert 250 Pro


Differences between Expert 220 Pro and Expert 250 Pro

You may hesitate between purchasing an Expert 220 Pro or a 250 Pro. The two models are very similar, but the price difference is significant.
The two are identical from a functional point of view. They have the same number of inputs, the same connectors and technologies.
It is at the audio level that the differences are felt. The 250 Pro is more powerful.
It has a significantly higher power margin since in mono mode (only one amp) it will make 1000 Watts, where a 220 Pro will make 440 Watts.
This can make a difference when restoring transients on difficult or complex loads.
We must also consider the aesthetic point of view. The 250 Pro is more elegant, beautiful and iconic, as is its remote control. The polishing is done by hand, and the chassis has a slight radius of curvature quite visually delicious for some.
With this chassis, the heat dissipation capacity is also increased a little more.
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