Temperature of Phantoms


Temperature of Phantoms

Our Phantom I and Phantom II product range complies with standard 62368-1.

Its maximum temperature for the parts accessible to the customer is 70° C. Above this temperature, the product will go into safety mode. It will stop the music and go into standby until its temperature drops below 70° C.

Phantom I and Phantom II do not have an internal fan and uses a rear ventilation grille for heat dissipation. The device will therefore become hot, depending on the type of music listened to (soft classical music will require less energy than hard rock) and volume.

There are several generations of electrical components in Phantom, and all of them are steadily trending towards better heat dissipation. You might notice that, in a stereo setup, one of the Phantoms gets hotter than the other one. There is nothing to be concerned about in this case, as all of the electrical components have the same capabilities and their life cycle remains the same between generations and models.

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