Sound Design on Phantom


Sound Design on Phantom


Action How/when is this sound design activated? Sound Design

Booting device

  • Plug in the product and wait to get this sound design 

Product Status - Setup mode

  • After three quick presses on the rear button on Phantom 
  • The device is waiting to be set up

Product Status - already setup

  • After one short press on the rear button on Phantom 
  • Product is set up

Powering off the product / Stand by mode

  • Long press on the rear button (2 seconds)
  • The Phantom goes into standby mode

Identifying the product during the setup

  • This is part of the setup process (on 2.13.2 and older firmware versions)

Identification successful

  • This is part of the setup process : the product has been found

Setup complete

  • Happens when the device is fully configured

Pairing in Bluetooth

  • During the pairing phase on Bluetooth
  • Happens every time you are connecting to your Phantom via Bluetooth (if a first pairing has been done)

Reset to factory

  • After a long press on the back button of the Phantom, this is the noise the Phantom makes when it turns back on (more than 5s)


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