How to limit the volume of your Phantoms?


How to limit the volume of your Phantoms?

You can automatically restrict or limit the volume of a Phantom I. 

Please note that this setting must only be made when the Phantom is switched off. 

This function is only available on Phantom DOS 2 controlled by the Devialet application.


To do this :

  • Find your Phantom's IP address using an app on your phone (several apps such as Fing are available on Iphone and Android). You can also find this information in your router settings. 
  • Open a web page and enter the IP address in the search bar. This will take you to your Phantom's configuration page. Click on "Configuration".


  • Indicate the maximum volume you want and click on "Submit". The limiter is active as soon as you switch on the sound on your product. 
  • If you have several Phantoms, you'll need to carry out these steps for each product whose volume you wish to limit.
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