Release Notes - DOS 2.9.0


Release Notes - DOS 2.9.0

On February 3, 2020, we released the firmware DOS 2.9.0 for Phantom Premier and Phantom Reactor. This release includes the following improvements (compared to DOS 2.8.0):

  • Improved Remote pairing with Phantom Premier
  • Fixed "cathedral effect" stereo synchronization issue (also in DOS 2.8.5)
  • Fixed AirPlay unavailable on non-MFI/MFI pairs (also in DOS 2.8.5)
  • Fixed tiny cracks heard on certain piano pieces played via AirPlay
  • Fixed Bluetooth disconnecting after several hours of playback on some phones
  • Fixed Phantom Premier Gold Opéra de Paris sometimes not visible in Bluetooth
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Because of the network restrictions in China, some customers in China may not be able to detect the availability of the DOS 2.9.0 update. We are actively working on preparing an alternate solution for these cases.

Erroneously reported as included, coming in the next release:

  • "Reboot" and "Reset to factory" buttons on the embedded webpage
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