Optical input on Phantom II


Optical input on Phantom II

  1. What is an optical input?
  2. How can I use the optical with Phantom II?
  3. What can I do if my source doesn't have an optical output?


What is an optical input? 

Optical input is a type of connector for Audio. It's main specificity is that there is light inside the cable.

There are different type of optical mouthpiece such as Optical Jack or Toslink.


Example of hybrid Jack / Optical cable

Example of toslink cable

Most of the recent TV has an optical output, but that's the only type of product which are using this digital output. 




How to use the Optical with Phantom II?

  • If you own one single Phantom II (Phantom Reactor), you will need to connect your Reactor to your TV for example via a hybrid Jack/Optical. The Phantom II output is available on the back side of the product just aside the ethernet input.


  • If you own more than one Phantom II, you only need to wired one of them to your source. This Phantom II will then stream the signal to its companion (in a pair) or to the whole system via the multiroom wirelessly
  • If you own Phantom II and Phantom I, again only one of them need to be wired to your source, it will stream the signal to the whole system wirelessly

IMPORTANT:  In all this configuration, if your source is a TV, please ensure via the sound parameters of your TV that the sound is output to the Optical out, otherwise your tv will continue to play the sound and distribute it to your Phantom as well, you will hear a small latencies between both system. 




What can I do if my source doesn't have an Optical output?

Some devices such as a turntable are analog and can't be connected to this type of output. To answer this type of product usage, we have built Devialet Arch. Please consult this article to get more information.


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