Migration DOS 2 and Phantom I (Premier)


Migration DOS 2 and Phantom I (Premier)

On November 4, our customers will be offered the possibility to update their Phantom I (Premier) and Dialog products to the new DOS2 operating system.

Before engaging the migration, please have a quick overview of the article here to decide on migration.

The migration can take up to 20 minutes per device. Please make sure you have spared enough time to perform the migration in full. 

  1. 1. What is DOS 2?
  2. 2. Why should I migrate my system to DOS 2?
  3. 3. What are the main differences between DOS 1 and DOS 2?
  4. 4. What are the different phases I will see during the migration?
  5. 5. Sounds of Phantom after the migration


1. What is DOS 2?

DOS stands for Devialet Operating System. It's the software that runs in the products. Five years ago, Phantom I (Premier) was launched, and it came with DOS1, the first version of our software.

Following our customers' issues and requests, we decided to move forward with a new version (DOS2).

DOS2 already runs on Phantom Reactor since November 2018, and we plan to run it on all our products eventually. Phantom I's turn was on November 4, 2019.

Note: Classic Phantom Premier owners, this migration will increase the power of your Phantom(s) from 1200W to 2000W and sound level from 101 dB to 103 dB.


2. Why should I migrate my system to DOS 2?

Of course, it's not an obligation to move to DOS 2. However, we highly recommend this migration for customers with stability issues. DOS2 brings more flexibility in the ways multiple products communicate with each other. Setup and stereo pair creation are more accessible than ever (of course, DOS2 also brings back regular software updates to the Phantom I family).


Note: In Devialet App and DOS 2, we decided not to embed online music platforms such as Deezer, Qobuz, or Tidal but considered providing you the best and easiest access to streaming protocols. Thus, Deezer, Tidal, or Qobuz won't be integrated into the Devialet App.

Note: Our prior software operating system did allow stereo setup with a mixed version of our products (for example, set a Phantom Silver on Left and a Gold on the Right in Spark). This is not possible with DOS2. If you own a mixed setup (different models of Phantom in the same room), please note that you won't be able to set them up in Stereo for the moment. However, you can still play the same content on both Phantom if you group them using the multi-room feature.  Please feel free to reach your customer service for additional information.



3. What are the main differences between DOS 1 and DOS 2?



Software features

DOS 1 & Spark

DOS 2 & Devialet app

Bluetooth pairing Yes, always visible Yes, pairing on demand.  
Airplay capable Yes Yes - Airplay 2 with DOS 2.12.3 (2nd Feb 2021) It depends on your system
Spotify Connect Yes Yes Spotify free can always be streamed via Bluetooth.
UPnP Yes Yes  
Integrated web radios Yes Not integrated. You can stream them with Bluetooth / Airplay.  
Streaming platforms integration  (Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer) Yes Not integrated, you can stream them with Bluetooth, Airplay, or UPnP software (Mconnect or Bubble UPnP)  
Low latency optical Only as a professional solution Yes, with DOS 2.11.2 (9th Sept 2020)  
Bass reduction (night mode) Yes Yes, with DOS 2.12.3 (2nd Feb 2021)  
Equalizer No Yes (25th Jan 22)  
Playlists and local files Yes No  
Native client on Windows and macOS Yes No  
Multi-room Yes (Dialog is needed) Yes, with DOS 2.10 | APP 1.11 (29th April 2020). Dialog is not required.  
Stereo playback Yes (Dialog is needed) Yes. Dialog is not required.  
Network interface selection and latency adjustment No Yes  
Support for Remote Yes Yes  
Support for optical input on the Dialog  Yes Yes  
Stereo pairing/ unpairing Not 'on the fly' (it needs a full reset) Yes  
Disable Optical Autoswitch Yes Yes, with Devialet APP 1.12 (22nd July 2020)  
App language supported English only



Chinese traditional

Chinese Simplified








Arabic (2 Fevrier 2021)

More languages to come


As soon as you have updated one Phantom I to DOS 2, you won't be able to see your Phantom in Spark anymore.

NOTE: There is no rollback possible to switch a DOS 2 device to DOS 1.




4. What are the different phases I will see during the migration?

The migration stands with four different phases:

  1. Phase 1: Identification of products (1a), Selection of products (1b) & firmware download on your phone (1c).
  2. Phase 2: Pushing firmware on the product memory.
  3. Phase 3: Migration part.
  4. Phase 4: Product setup with the Devialet app.


NB: These steps need to be repeated on each product you want to migrate.

NB: Your Dialog can be migrated as well, but do its update at the very end of the process and privilege Phantom I (Premier) migration at first. Your Dialog will still provide one more optical input on your system and could still be the Airplay enabler of your system if it is only composed of Bluetooth capable devices.  




Phase 1a - Products identification

  • Search into the Android Store or App store for the Devialet app application.
  • Install the app
  • Open the app
  • Select the top wheel and click on "Add a new product."
  • Let the system search for Phantom devices connected to your network.

NB: To migrate, your Phantom I (Premier) and Dialog need to be on the latest DOS1 firmware update (1.14). If not, the Devialet app will ask you to go back to Spark and update your product before allowing the migration.

NB: To identify the product, the Devialet app will look at all Devialet products connected to your domestic network. So please ensure the device you are looking to update is set up with Spark before this migration.

















































Phase 1b - Product selection.

Once your product is discovered, the carousel will appear.

  • Please wait for the list to be complete (Dialog may appear quicker than Phantom I (Premier) because it is wired in ethernet.)
  • Swipe from right to left to find out the correct product you want to update.
  • Select the product you want to update (serial number is visible on the carousel for this reason).
  • Read and accept the changes in new features and the main differences between your prior system and the new app's features.





Phase 1c - Firmware download

Once you have pressed the "Download Update now" button, the downloading phase will start.

The timing behind this phase depends on your internet connection.

Note: It's important to avoid switching off your mobile during this part of the migration, nor putting the app in the background. The app will prevent your mobile phone from locking automatically during this phase.

Note: 200 Mo is necessary for downloading the firmware to your mobile. The Devialet app will inform you before downloading if there is not enough space on your phone.


Phase 1b - Product selection


Phase 1b - Product selection



Phase 1b - Product selectionPhase_1_Migration.gif


Phase 1c - Firmware download


Phase 1c - Firmware download - free space on your mobile




Phase 2 - Copying firmware to your product

This phase starts once the firmware has been downloaded to your mobile. 

Devialet app will ask you to accept the operating changes, as no rollback will be possible afterward.

  • Select "I Understand and Accept. Proceed to update."
  • Press the "Install Update now" button.
  • The app will then push the firmware to your speaker. It can take time.

NB:  This is a critical part of the migration. Please make sure you do not switch off your phone or put the app in the background.

Phase 2 - Pushing firmware to your Phantom I (Premier) 






Phase 3 - Migration

NB: Please do not unplug your Phantom I (Premier) as this part is critical for the product.


This phase will display quotes about music on the top part of the screen and a percentage of the migration evolution. 

The most critical part is about the first 30%, then you can put your mobile in standby mode and let the Phantom migrate by itself.


NOTE: During this phase, your Phantom's woofer will make regular moves, so do not do anything until you hear the DOS2 booting sound design


In case you did not hear any sound and the app displays a "failed" message, please wait a bit. Your device may still move to the new OS. 

NOTE: To confirm you've moved your Phantom to DOS 2, make a single press on the back button of Phantom. You should hear the Setup sound




Phase 3 - Migration





Phase 4 - Setup your Products!

NB: the below operations should be done for all devices you need/want to move to DOS 2.


When you're done migrating all the products, it's time to set up.

To do the setup, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Devialet App
  2. Press on the setting icon on the top left of the main screen
  3. Select "Add products."
  4. The Devialet app will search for Phantom products.
  5. Once the app finds all your products, the Carousel will appear.
  6. Select the product to set up, and click on the "Set up Now" button
  7. Follow the steps in the app.





5. Sounds of Phantom after the migration


Action How/when is this sound design activated? Sound Design

Booting device

  • Plug the product and wait to get this sound design 

Product Status - Setup mode

  • Make a single press on the rear button on Phantom 
  • The device is waiting to be set

Product Status - already setup

  • Make a single press on the rear button on Phantom 
  • The product installation is done correctly

Powering off the product / Stand by mode

  • Long press on the rear button (2 seconds)
  • The Phantom goes into standby mode

Identifying the product during the setup

  • This is part of the setup process.
  • Put your hands on the Phantom to finish the setup process

Identification successful

  • This is part of the setup process
  • After putting your hands on the device

Setup complete

  • Happens when the device is fully configured

Pairing in Bluetooth

  • During the Pairing phase on Bluetooth
  • Happens every time you are connected to your Phantom via Bluetooth (if a first pairing have been operated)

Reset to factory

  • Long press on the back button of the Phantom
  • Happens when you connect to your Phantom in BT
  • It's a way to reinstall your system and clean up prior setup



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