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Dear Friends,

After receiving feedback from a number of you, we are working hard to address issues with Phantom Premier and the Spark app. Please know that we share your frustrations. For the most part, we have been able to isolate and fix bugs as and when they arise, but we’re aware of the need to work actively on minimizing future occurrences, often due to network instability. Today we wanted to update you on the measures we are implementing to guarantee the stability and longevity your Phantom Premier deserves.

Our engineers are in the process of developing an entirely new software ecosystem known as Devialet Operating System Version 2 (DOS2).

The aim being to:

  • Ensure your Phantom Premier remains open, robust and upgradable.
  • Continue meeting industry standards regarding streaming protocols and software.
  • Bring all of our products onto a single interface for compatibility and ease of use.

Phantom Reactor already runs on this new operating system, meaning that users can now select their preferred network interface (WiFi, PLC) and enjoy optimal stability in an always more varied network environment. The new Devialet app (available for iOS and Android) provides a clean and efficient user experience for Phantom Reactor, and has received very positive feedback from owners.

Though Spark may not have been updated for some time, it has by no means been sidelined. Our teams are wholeheartedly focused on providing you with the same effortless user experience for Phantom Premier. Before the year’s out, you’ll be able to upgrade to the new software ecosystem if you wish so. And for those of you who’d rather stick with your current preferences and features, you’ll be given the option to keep things just as they are. You’ll therefore have the option of upgrading as soon as the new operating system is released for Phantom Premier, or upgrading at a later date, whenever you’re ready, as new features become available.

As our earliest and most loyal customers, your satisfaction means a great deal to us. We’re always here to listen to your concerns and advise you on how to get the very best from the products you’ve invested in, today and tomorrow.

As soon as we have more news to share on upcoming developments, you’ll be the first to know.

Until then, warmest regards.

Olivier Sterenberg,

Head of Software Engineering

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Was this article helpful?

39 out of 51 found this helpful



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    Mael Covelli

    Don't you have something like a road map to post for your awaiti'g customers? It would be a lot more useful...

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    Elad Bublil

    How about release date?2017?


    Start using beta us some progress.

    Lika  a good politician you always promise but never.....

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