SellSecure fraud check FAQ


SellSecure fraud check FAQ

In order to avoid mutliple frauds, we were obliged to set a fraud check process for our online purchase. This fraud check is handled via a partner named Oney trust.



1. Why did you set this process?

As a majority of online seller, we face some frauds, identity theft is used to order within our website. This process is to protect you from this type of malicious operation but also to secure our web services. For French speakers here is a explanation from la CNIL



2. How does it work?

If your order is in Fraud check, you will receive an email from with specific instructions and steps to follow:

  • Provide in the 5 following business days:
    • a scan / Picture of your ID (both sides)
    • a proof of address (less than 3 months)

Note: to make things quicker and easier, please provide all these details in a single email, otherwise to compile all your details, it might take more time than expected

Once our partners receive all this information, they will check and confirm to us if the order is secure or not. Based on their feedback we will trigger the next steps. This validation steps is about 3 to 4 opened hours following your sent.



3. What should I do?

Reply to the original email with details requested by our partners Oney trust.



4. What is the expected time to get my order delivered?

After receiving your reply, Oney trust will check it and let us know within the 48 following hours



5. What will happen with all documents I sent you?

Your document will be used to ensure your identity and to validate your order. Afterwards, Devialet will delete your documents during the following month, however Oney Trust will delete your documents in the next 2 months.



6. What is Oney Trust?

Oney trust is a well known company by e-commerce companies, for doing fraud validation in partnership with a large amount of brands.



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