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How to set-up Reactor without a smartphone or without the Devialet app (only for Apple devices)?

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    1. It seems that my Iphone doesn't support your app, what can I do?
    2. Reactor set-up with a Mac computer
    3. Reactor set-up with an iPhone, but without Devialet app


It seems that my iPhone doesn't support your app, what can I do?

Some iPhones may not have the required iOS version to be able to run the Devialet app. Remember that our app needs at least the iOS 11.0 version installed. Some of the oldest iPhones cannot support this (or a later) OS version.

In this case, you will need to set-up your Reactor without the Devialet app using the Airplay protocol present in your iPhone. If you don't have a smartphone at all, but you have a Mac computer, don't worry! You can set-up your Reactor using Airplay.


Reactor set-up with a Mac computer

1. Plug in your Reactor and wait for the green LED light to fix itself (the fixed green light means that the device is ready to be set-up). 

2. On your Mac, open the available wifi networks list clicking on this icon Screen_Shot_2019-01-17_at_10.12.11.png

At the bottom of the list, you will see the Reactor, detected as an "Airplay Speaker."


3. Click on the Reactor and follow the steps. 





4. The Reactor's light will be now solid white (meaning that it is ready to play), and you will see the speaker in the list of available devices for Airplay, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect and UPnP.

To control the volume on your speaker, simply use the volume keys on top of the Reactor or your phone. 


Reactor set-up with an iPhone, but without Devialet app

1. Go into your iPhone's wifi settings and select the Reactor at the bottom part, it will be detected as an Airplay Speaker.

2. Follow the steps on the screen, your Reactor will be available to be connected via Airplay, Spotify Connect, UPnP, and Bluetooth.


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