Freebox Delta I Devialet


Freebox Delta I Devialet


Free, the french internet provider, worked jointly with Devialet to create the Freebox Delta, an internet box available exclusively in France. 

If you want to catch up more details on specificities of the product, please have a look at the Free website here

This Freebox is a product made by Free, and won't be compatible in Stéréo with other Devialet Product via its regular application (Devialet, Devialet Remote or Devialet Spark). However your TV can still provide your Devialet product a sound signal via the optical output.

About the customer care, our internal team can't provide you all of the details about the Freebox Delta, Free own this part in its totality. So in case of any questions, we recommend you to reach out to Free's customer services here.

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