Musical sources available on the Expert


Musical sources available on the Expert

  1. 1. Summary table
  2. 2. Streaming with Devialet AIR
  3. 3. Music on your phone
  4. 4. Other solutions
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1. Summary table

Tidal YES
Spotify Connect YES
Quobuz YES
Deezer YES
Radio YES
Musiques stockées YES
Autre YES



2. Streaming with Devialet AIR

On Mac or Windows, you have the possibility to set your Expert as the audio output. This means that sounds made from your computer will come out of your Devialet amplifier. 

Devialet AIR does not open any window on your screen, it simply ads a logo on your status bar. The activation happens in two steps:

- pairing with Devialet AIR your computer to you amplifier. 

- selecting the amplifier as the audio output. 

For this to work, it is important that the computer and the amplifier are connected to the same WiFi, or via Ethernet.



3.  Music on your phone

Streaming from a phone to the Expert amplifier is not functional as of today. My Devialet Remote is an app available on the App Store. This app enables one to send music to the Expert, but only if the music is stored on your phone.

Spotify, Tidal, Youtube, etc... are not compatible coming from a phone. 


4.  Other solutions

Some devices enable you to stream towards your Expert in a more flexible way.

Airport Express by Apple: If you plug your Airport Express via optical branching to your Devialet amplifier, you will be able to send, from a Mac or an Iphone, music via Airplay towards the airport.  As the airport is plugged into your amplifier, it is your Devialet amplifier that will produce the sound. You can use this solution to stream any content via airplay. 

Chromecast/Sonos Connect: If you plug one of these devices to your Devialet Amplifier via optical branching, you will be able to send, from a computer or a phone, music via the app corresponding to the device. As the "bridge" device is plugged into your amplifier, it is it that will produce the sound. You can use this solution to stream any content from phone or computer.

Upgrade your Expert to Expert PRO: you can send us your Expert to upgrade it to Expert Pro. This will enable several streaming solutions on your Expert (airplay, Spotify connect, Roon RAAT) and renew its 5 years manufacturer warranty). Contact the Devialet customer care team for further details and pricing. 



5.  Questions & Answers

When I use Devialet AIR, I get empty spots where the sound drops out.

Sound stability when using Devialet AIR depends a lot on the size of the music, and your network's quality. If you have empty spots, the first modification to do is to change the value of the buffers in the settings menu of Devialet AIR. Test out different values to find the most appropriate one.


Do you recommend to use Devialet AIR or the optical branching ?

The quality of the sound will be the same for these two options. However, the optical branching presents a real advantage, as you can stream more freely than when using Devialet AIR. Devialet AIR is only compatible with computers. Plugging in a device via optical branching is a great alternative, especially if you have the habit of using apps such as Spotify and Tidal on your mobile phone.


My Expert cannot be found on Devialet AIR

Verify the following:

- the ethernet cable linking your amplifier to the router is operational, or the name of the network and its password are correctly spelled.

- your computer/phone is connected to the right network. 

- your firmware is up to date.

If all of the above has correctly been verified, and you still cannot find your Expert on the app, try to bring your amplifier closer to the router, or even linking them with an ethernet cable.

Wifi signals can easily be broken by walls or even furniture. Furthermore, the chassis of the Expert is relatively thick. For these reasons, it is important that the amplifier and the router are not far appart.


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