The Devialet technology SAM® - What is SAM®?


The Devialet technology SAM® - What is SAM®?


  1. What is SAM®?
  2. How to know if my speakers are SAM® Ready ? Where can I find their SAM® profile?
  3. SAM® and subwoofers
  4. Which speakers are not compatible with SAM®?
  5. Questions & Answers


What is SAM® ?


SAM® stands for Speaker Active Matching, it's a pattended technology from Devialet. 

The exclusive SAM® technology invented by Devialet allows your Devialet Expert system to precisely adapt the signal to the characteristics of your speaker model. SAM® processes in real-time the musical signal, ensuring that the sound pressure reproduced by the speakers matches exactly the one recorded by the microphone. It is working through the very powerful DSP implemented in each Devialet. SAM® provides two main benefits:

  • First, SAM® allows the speakers to reproduce lower frequencies and prevents any delay between the bass and the rest of the spectrum, avoiding the effect of the phase rotation at the vicinity of the natural low-frequency cut-off of the loudspeaker. This restitution in the low frequencies allows us a wider soundstage, a more precise restitution while keeping the speakers’ personality.
  • Secondly, SAM® provides a great protection to your loudspeakers. Indeed, the maximum excursion of the speaker driver, and maximum continuous power handling of each speaker are set with SAM®. The speakers will not be able to go over this physical limit. As a result, SAM helps to prevent any damage that could occur when listening at high levels.

The Devialet systems are the only ones able to perform this control and to help you to rediscover your speakers.

To sum up: SAM® allows your Devialet Expert to precisely adapt the signal to the characteristics of your speaker model while protecting them, for an audiophile listening with a unique sharpness.




How to know if my speakers are SAM® Ready? Where can I find their SAM® profile?

You can discover the list of the SAM® ready speakers in three differents places on our website:

  • The first place to go to will be the SAM® Ready web page where you can find the exhaustive list of the SAM® ready speakers and list them by brands to find yours quickly.

    Each pair of speakers has its own webpage, you will be able to see your speaker's new specificities when SAM® is activated by clicking on it.

    Please go to the following web page to discover all the SAM® ready speakers:


  • If your speakers have a SAM® profile, the place you need to go to in order to benefit of your speaker’s specificity with SAM® will be on "Le configurateur".

    You will be able to see the list of all the SAM® profiles available and select yours.

    This web page will allow you to enable SAM® once you will have completed your configuration and updated your Devialet:


  • If you don’t find your speakers in the list and wish to have a SAM® profile ready, we suggest you to contact our customer care who can distribut the request to the right team in charge, if the profile can't be made immediatly we will as soon as we have the opportunity inform you or visit for taking the measure of your speaker - additionally this article is updated on regular basis to inform you on last profil made and published


SAM® and subwoofers

SAM® is only enabled on passive speaker (SAM® required ADH® to work). We continuously work to improve SAM® capabilities and possibility adds new features.

During the SAM event we are considering as first necessary profile to make the current market speakers, if we add the subwoofer this will strongly expend combinaisons possible between speakers and subwoofer. Also, once the SAM is triggerered on within your Expert or Expert Pro, there are possibility that your subwoofer won't be necessary as your speaker will grow their performance and low frequencies.


Which speakers are not compatible with SAM® ?

SAM® can only be enjoyed with a Devialet Expert system because it works in parallel with the Devialet ADH® technology. Both SAM® and the ADH® are Devialet patents.

Our goal is to make SAM® a universal technology available for every speaker model and for everyone to enjoy. However, electrostatic panels and electrostatic panels with an active crate are the only models for which we cannot have a SAM® profile. All passives speaker can't be SAMed as only a direct link between the amplifier and the speaker is allowed for a SAM® profile. To understand better the difference between active and passive, you can get some insight here (source


Questions & Answers

  • What are the differences between SAM V1 and SAM V2 ? What are the benefits of SAM V2 ?

There are no differences in the way the engineers measure the speakers, nor in the way they elaborate the SAM® profile. The quality and precision is the same in both versions.

The theoretical functioning of SAM® is not changed between the version 1 and 2.

However, theoretical work has been done in order to add the possibility of piloting passive radiators speakers.

The major difference between SAM® V1 and V2, other than the possibility to measure passive radiator speakers, concerns the utilization at high volumes when the protections we set are activated. It now activates itself in function of the signal sent to the speakers and not on the volume anymore. This is an asset when listening to soft music with little bass content such as classical music.

Today, all the speakers we have measured have a SAM® V2 profile.


  • What does the logo V8 on the Configurator mean?

Some speakers have a V8 logo next to their profile on the configurator, this means that for those speakers, there is only a SAM® V2 profile available, and no V1. Therefore, in order to be able to use it, you should have the 8.0 or newest version of the firmware on your Devialet.

For all the other speakers, if you use a firmware older than the 8.0, SAM® V1 will be activated. If you use the 8.0 firmware version or a newest, it is SAM® V2 that will be activated.


  • Can I use another SAM® profile as the one of my speakers ?

No you must not use another profile with your speaker, this can damage your speakers

The basic principle of SAM® is to reproduce the exact model of a loudspeaker and then, as we know exactly how it behaves, to allow it to have more excursion, but never to the point of damaging them. To avoid this damage, we add protections to limit the excursion of the speakers at very high volumes.

Therefore if you use an existing SAM® profile with another model we cannot ensure that the speaker will have the desired behavior, as well as the correct protections, so you could break your bass drivers.


  • What is SAMlab? Will SAMlab pass near me ?

If you'd like to get more information on which speakers are already SAM® ready, please visit the following website here.

In order to obtain a SAM® profile, we need to deeply study the speakers.

Our goal is to share the SAM® technology with everyone and make as many speakers SAM® ready as possible. We succeeded in miniaturizing the SAM® laboratory into a portable device: the SAMlab. Thanks to this tool, we are now able to measure about 10 speakers a day, when we used to do 10 a week.

The SAMlab has been made exclusively for Expert, it is connected directly at the back of the system and is ran only by a Devialet engineer.

SAMlab events will take place in collaboration with our dealers. The dealers will themselves inform their customers when the Devialet engineer and the SAMlab will be coming. 


However it's possible to reach out our customer service who are in charge of maintaining list of customer looking for a SAM® Profil - for an efficient collecting process, below are the information our customer service will need:

  • Speaker brands and model (incl the version if model has several version)
  • Is the speaker passive? If the speaker is an active one, then SAM® measure won't be possible
  • Does the woofer movement visible ? We need a full access of the Driver's movement for excursion measurement. If this is not the case then we won't be able to make a SAM® profil
  • Where does the speaker is ? (Country, City)
  • Are you ok if you keep this informations to reach you back when opportunity to visit you is possible or to inform you when the profil is ready?

There is also a possible paid service to get an engineer's visit at your place - reach out to our customer care for more details


  • When will my speakers have a SAM® profile ?

Profile creation required to be in front of the speaker (at least one of a pair). It can't be done differently as measurement are pysically done with the speaker.

We do two measurement during a session, first impedence capability of the speaker combined with an Expert or Expert Pro, then the excursion of the woofer. 

This is the main reason why it takes time to build all speaker profile, however we have a great rythms of profil creation! Follow this article to get fresh news on speaker profil newly built!


  • Does all Devialet products can use SAM®?

SAM® is available into Expert and Expert Pro, you won't be able to use it with a D Premier. If you owns a D Premier you can still have a look to make a hardware upgrade to move your product capacity to our next generation of hardware, this way you will then be able to use SAM® with your Expert Pro

Our Phantom Premier and Phantom Reactorare also using the SAM® technology to extend its capability.



  • Does SAM® modify the sound of my speakers?

No, SAM® allows the speakers to reproduce a larger musical content in low frequencies but the acoustical signature of the speakers is preserved. SAM® does not turn the bass volume up, it widens the audible sound spectrum in the bass.

SAM® allows the speakers to reproduce lower frequencies which allows us to hear the entire musical content.


  • How can I install SAM® on my Devialet Expert or Expert Pro system?

You will need to download your SAM® profile onto an SD card.

In order to do so, you first need to go to the advanced configurator following this link:

Click on the SAM® drop-down menu and select the profile you wish to integrate. Once it is selected, you can select the remote settings and configure a button to turn SAM On or Off. Then, configure the rest of your system as you wish.

When you are done, click on “Download” and put this file on an SD card. You will then be able to directly put the SD card behind your Devialet Expert.

You can now enjoy the full Devialet Experience thanks to SAM®.



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