Expert: Configure your Phono Stage


Expert: Configure your Phono Stage

  1. 1. The Phono inputs on Expert
  2. 2. What is RAM®?
  3. 3. Questions & Answers

1. The Phono inputs on Expert

Devialet 120/130 Pro / 140 Pro

The Devialet Expert 120 and the Expert 130pro both have the same number of inputs. They both have a Line input that can be converter to a phono input in the configurator





1.b Devialet 200 / 220 Pro/250 / 250 Pro - 210 Pro / 400 / 800 / 440 Pro / 1000 Pro

These Devialet amplifiers have multiple inputs. They all have one dedicated phono input (Phono 2) that can be converted to Line. They also have a dedicated line input (Line 1) that be converted to phono or 2xmono digital (spdif) inputs. 








2. What is RAM®?

Record Active Matching (RAM menu)

It adapts in real time the phono stage parameters to the specificities of your turntable, including: EQ curves, mix mode, cartridge sensitivity and loading parameters. Meaning that, while you listen to the music, you can change the settings until you get the exact sound you can expect. 

In order to activate RAM, go to the configurator, select the remote, and assign one button for RAM



Options on RAM® Menu


Once your amplifier switch on, please go into the Phono source, then activate the RAM® menu with the remote button assign to this menu.

This changes will be loaded after 2 secs of inactivity.

If you are looking to find out all specs and manufacturer recommandations for your cartridge, please consult the manual of your cartridge, or contact the manufacturer. There is another option which is to use an online database where all specs for cartridge are available (such as Vinyle Engine for exemple).

To modify value for each options, you will just have to turn the wheel for your remote, and press the tone button for passing to the next options.


  • Stereo (par defaut)
  • Mono
  • Left ou Right

EQ Curve: 


RIAA 1976














Max Level: 

  • 0.10mV to 1.00mV (in 0.01mV steps), for MC
  • 1.00mV to 15.00mV (in 0.1mV steps), for MM
    (NB: 0.1mV = 100uV).


  • MC stands for Moving Coil
  • MM stands for Moving Magnet

Loading  Cartridge load resistance (not avaialble on Le 120 or 130 Pro):

High 37 Ω
460 Ω 30 Ω
200 Ω 25 Ω
140 Ω 22 Ω
100 Ω 14 Ω
85 Ω 12 Ω
70 Ω 10 Ω 
60 Ω      

Cartridge load capacitance: Not available on Le 120 or 130 Pro:

0 pF 400 pF
100 pF 500 pF
200 pF 600 pF
300 pF 700 pF


Expert 200/250/400/800

Expert Pro 220/250/440/1000RAM_Expert.png














Expert 120

Expert 130 Pro

Expert 140 Pro




3. Questions & Answers

Can I set my phono parameters via the Configurator?

You can configure your cartridge in the configurator, if you know its type, recommended max level and loading (please refer to the cartridge's manufacturer to collect these informations). On the configurator you will find a list of pre-registered cartridge models, however we do not plan on adding more currently thanks to the RAM feature. 



Are Devialet recommend RAM® menu or the Configurator to set the parameters? 

We recommend to use RAM because you can make the changes on fly and adjust the sound delivery while you are listening music. 



I did not assign a button for the RAM® menu on my remote 

You can access the RAM menu directly without having a dedicated button. To adjust parameters on the Phono stage please follow steps below:

  1. Go into your Phono source
  2. Make a short press on the "Tone" button (or the button to acces the "Balance & Tone" options)
  3. Browse within this menu, you will find the RAM® Menu (To browse, you will just have to make short press with the tone button to pass from a page to another in this menu).
  4. Use the wheel to change parameters in the RAM® Menu.



Where can I find all specs for my cartridge?

These information are in the instruction manual of your cartridge, if you did not kept it you can still contact the manufacturer or the seller of your cartridge. Additionally there are existing database with all specs for cartridge available online such as Vinyle Engine

Recommendations made by the manufacturer can still be adjust "on fly" via the RAM® menu. Once you set it up, all parameters will be locked into your amplifier and will be apply everytime you are switching on this source.




Even after fine tuning my parameters, the cartridge sound is not as expected

First, check that the cartridge is in a good condition.

Then check that it is correctly wired to the arm of the turntable.

Lastly, also check if you need to wire the earth ground or not. A turntable is "over-amplified" to ensure a good condition for listening vinyle, therefore every surronding voltage could be'hearable' and have a bad effect during your listening session.

A good test to try is also wire another turntable to the amp, and see if only one of them produces a bad sound.



I hear a noise on the Phono input - like a "gun noise"

As a reminder the phono input is very sensitive to all environnement's noise, as a safety check please ensure that the cabling beetween both Expert and Turntable are properly set.

In your configuration ensure that the Wifi is disable everytime you are using your Phono input within the setting of your Input


Lastly, also check if you need to wire the earth ground or not. A turntable is "over-amplified" to ensure a good condition for listening vinyle, therefore every surronding voltage could be'hearable' and have a bad effect during your listening session.


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