Streaming sources in Phantom Premier


Streaming sources in Phantom Premier

  1. 1. Recap board
  2. 2. Online sources (Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer, Radios, Other)
  3. 3. Music on a phone or computer
  4. 4. Upnp app
  5. 5. Questions & Answers


1. Recap board

 Sources Devialet Spark Bluetooth Airplay Upnp Direct connexion




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Musique stockée



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2. Online sources (Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz, Deezer, Radios, Other)

  • Tidal, Quobuz, Deezer, Radios

Tidal: It is possible to stream music from the Tidal app with the protocol mentioned in the recap board. Phantom is compatible with the sound formats "Standard" and "Flac" from Tidal. We are not yet compatible with the sound format MQA.

Qobuz: It is possible to stream music from the Qobuz app with the protocols mentioned in the recap board. Phantom is compatible with all the sound formats from Qobuz, depending on your current Qobuz membership. 

Deezer: It is possible to stream music from the Deezer app with the protocols mentioned in the recap board. Phantom is compatible with the sound formats "Standard" from Deezer, but not the offer Deezer elite.

Radios: The app Spark proposes a complete list of international radios. If you wish to use another radio application on Phantom, this is possible via Bluetooth or Airplay (for Ios users).



  • Spotify

Spotify's specifies on Phantom is that you must use the Spotify app in direct (not via Spark). To be able to stream Spotify on your Phantom you will need to have a premium Spotify membership. With this type of membership, you can then use the Spotify feature 'Connect' in order to stream the sound to any other compatible devices (like Phantom). Your Phantom will appear as an available device in the Spotify app. 

Note: another specificity of Spotify is that it can be streamed remotely in wifi or 4G, without being close to Phantom. If you wish for security reason to turn off this feature you will find an article from Spotify here.



  • Airplay & Bluetooth 

You can stream a radio application on Phantom using Bluetooth or airplay. You can use the same method in order to stream other sources such a Youtube, Apple Music, Pandora, Google Music, Sound Cloud, etc. This way, even if your favorite sources are not integrated into Spark, you can still enjoy them with the Phantom experience.


3.  Music on a phone or computer

This is the music that is stored on the hard drive of a computer or phone. Be careful, music downloaded from an online source (Spotify) does not qualify as local music. Local music is usually stored in a specific folder on your computer/phone. Spark must know this folder name and location in order to scan its musical content and make it available for streaming on Phantom. 



4.  Upnp app

Phantom is compatible with UPnP. You can use a UPnP app such as Bubble UPnP (android), My Audio stream (iOS), Jriver (windows) ou Audirvana (Mac). The UPnP app you select will detect any Phantom connected to the same network and make it an available audio output. Here we use Bubble UPnP as an example. 


5.  Questions & Answers

I am using the correct username and password but Spark does not accept them

When you try to add a streaming account in Spark you can sometimes have the error message "An error occurred".

First, go to the online service's webpage (like Spotify)and try to connect using the same username and password used in Spark. If you can connect on the website, but still not in Spark, try to unplug and replug your dialog ( or Phantom if you don't have dialog). 



Radios can't be accessed anymore from Spark.

In order to access the radio logo in Spark, you must first activate this feature in Spark.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Spark
  2. Go to Settings (if you use a mac or windows) or Options (Mobile version).
  3. Click on Sources
  4. Use the button that is on the side of 'Radio Station' (computers) or click on  "Enabled" (phone).

If you still have the issue, try to unplug and replug the Dialog for 10s. Radios should now be accessible again. 



I added my account in Spark but the music does not start

Spark recognizes the format limitation given to your account by the online service. If your membership is limited to standard quality Spark will not be able to play high-resolution songs. If you do have a premium membership but still can't play the format you selected, try to unplug and unplug your dialog (or Phantom if you don't have dialog).  


Tidal keeps withdrawing money from account after my trial

For any new purchase of Phantom, Devialet offers you a 3 months trial with Tidal. After Pour l'achat d'un nouveau Phantom, Devialet vous offre 3 mois d'essai chez Tidal. Passé ce délai de 3 mois, le service vous sera tacitement reconduit et facturé par Tidal. Pour éviter le paiement, nous vous invitons à annuler l'abonnement avant la fin de la période d'essai. Dans tous les cas, il est préférable de voir avec l'équipe Tidal pour obtenir de l'aide - vous trouverez ici leur centre d'aide.


I cannot see Phantom in Spotify connect.

Make sure that in Spark > settings > source the option 'Spotify' is selected. Note that you will need to have a premium Spotify account to unlock the Connect feature. 



I sometimes have cuts and delay between my two Phantom

The quality of the sound provided by Phantom depends a lot on the quality of your wifi/lac network. Do not hesitate to restart your main router to refresh its settings. You can also consult your internet provider in order to ask about how to optimize your offer for connected devices. 



I purchased my music in Itunes and Spark displays an error message “Not Readable”

In Spark when you play certain music from your local collection, it can be displayed the error message « Not Readable ». The files located on a cloud solution are not accessible via Spark, so you risk to have this message when you try to add in the Spark play queue.

Additionally, in order to protect their content from digital piracy, some editors of content such as Itunes store use DRM (digital right management) encryption on the music files. Files protected with DRM are not compatible with Spark. 

Solutions to take out such protection exist if you contact the music supplier. 

Note: In Bluetooth, even files with DRM protection can be streamed to Phantom. Airplay also work. 



My Phantom suddenly starts to play with high sound without me starting it

Your Phantom probably has its Bluetooth feature activated. It means that anybody who can detect your Phantom on his Phone in Bluetooth will be able to send music on it.

If that is not a feature you want, you can turn off the Bluetooth when you don't use it. Go to the settings of Spark (the 3 little dots), click on devices than on each Phantom and cut the Bluetooth.



My Windows computer can't play music in Spark, but my Mac/phone can

Please check if your firewall authorizes the Spark app. If in Spark on our windows you can see the phones where Spark is opened, but on these phones, you can't see the windows computer, then most probably your firewall blocks the app. 



The Radio icon is no longer available in Spark

This issue may happen when temporary maintenance operations are carried out by our radio provider.

These operations are often very fast and otherwise unavoidable. If after a few hours the radio icon does not reappear, we advise you to disconnect Dialog for a few seconds in order to refresh its memory. If this operation does not make the Radio icon to reappear, it means that the maintenance operation is still undergoing.



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