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Configure your Online music sources (Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify)

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  1. Adding Online Sources

Select the tree dots on the top ribbon of Spark.


Select "Settings";Two tabs are available from this menu, Sources and Devices. Select "Sources"


Select the service you want to add. 

Activate it by pressing the "DISABLED" button. Click on "ADD ACCOUNT" and fill in your id & password as you would do on the streaming service's website. 

Click on "LOG IN" and the source will be added


The sources you added now appear in the source panel of Spark. 



  1. Questions and Answers


  • I use my correct ID and password but Spark does not accept my acocunt

First please go on the streaming service's website and log out then try to log in again with your ID & Password. If you successfullt log in, please unplug and replug your dialog. 

You can then try to add the service again in Spark. 

  • I added my account in Spark but the music does not start

Spark recognizes the limitation of your streaming service provider. If you membership is set for standard quality, Spark will not be able to play the high resolution files from the streaming services.

If these condiions are respected but still the music from the streaming source does not start, please try to unplug/replug your dialog. 

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