What is Devialet Air®?


What is Devialet Air®?

Devialet Air®, which stands for Asynchronous Intelligent Route, is a technology invented by Devialet. Purpose of this technology is for Expert and Expert Pro product's customer to play their own library tracks or the streaming flow you are currently playing with your computer into your Expert or Expert pro products. This specific protocol allows you to play with no sound alteration to your Expert pro or Expert product. 


  1. 1. Where Can I download Devialet Air®?
  2. 2. How Devialet Air® is working?
  3. 3. All is set, what should I do now?
  4. 4. What options are available with Devialet Air®?
  5. 5. Any advice on a player to use?
  6. 6. Questions & Answers?
      1. Do I need to install Devialet Air® if I play music via USB?
      2. When I launch Devialet Air®, I have a error message saying Sound Card Driver could not be loaded?
      3. How Can I play tracks from my NAS to Devialet Air®?
      4. I've been told that Roon onboarded Devialet Air® - what does it mean?
      5. What are Devialet's Recommandation with it comes to network setup for Air®?
      6. What is the minimum requierement for setting up Devialet Air®?
      7. Can I play DSD with Devialet Air®?
      8. Can Devialet Air® be used with Catalina ? And macOS Big Sur?





1. Where can I download Devialet Air®

Devialet Air® is available from your account under the tab "Expert Configuration". You can access the login page here

Then browse through this section of your profile you will find all download software from Devialet. 


Please select Devialet Air® for the type of computer you are looking to use it (Mac Os or Windows).


When the download is complete, launch the set up for Devialet Air® application and follow the instructions during the setup. 






2. How Devialet Air® is working?

To set it up you need to create your own configuration via our Online configurator which is available here.First of all, your Expert needs to be set up on your network.

Note: We strongly recommend you to log on first into your profile before creating a new configuration in order to keep this configuration saved into your profile. This will give you the possibility to change it when needed.


Devialet Air® is a software which will consider your Expert product as an extension of your Computer. That means that your Expert will become the speaker of your computer, then once connected to your Devialet via Devialet Air®, every piece of music you will play into your computer will be played into your Expert. From a driver perspective, Devialet Air® is a sound card with the ability to connected wirelessly and wiredly to your Expert System. 

Devialet Air® is only available for computer, there are no tablet version or mobile version. 


A - Wifi parameters

To configurate your Wifi you will need to populate the below items in your configuration:

Device Name: The name of your device once connected to your network

Name (SSID): your wifi name 

Password (Key): the password associated with your Wifi.


Note: The non-pro device are not able to connected to a wifi 5ghz, so please make sure that you have a 2.4 ghz wifi available and set into your configuration. This limitation have been fixed with the Pro version of Expert.

Note: The password for the network through Wifi have two limitations such as it's limited to 30 characters or it should not contain any special characters (for example */'é etc...). This limitation is also there in Expert Pro range. 

Note: Ensure your Wifi router is not set with MAC Address limitation, otherwise you can still set it up to allow your Expert being connected to it. Your MAC Address is available when your device is connected to the network via Devialet Air® into the Device settings (in this case you will need to wire on Ethernet your device in order to get your device available in the network and get the possibility to find out the MAC Address).



B - Ethernet parameters

On Ethernet there is no big specification requiered.

We recommend this mode which is the most steady channel to deliver high resolution tracks with no degradation on the signal provided to the Expert device.



C - Difference between Non-pro and Expert Pro.


In the non-pro version of Expert if you configurate Ethernet and Wifi into your Expert, both options will be available as a source into your Expert.

While in Expert Pro range, we considered this two protocol mainly as a channel to deliver sound to your Expert, therefore there is no specific source associated to this protocol.

Aside this Ethernet will always take the priority in an Expert pro, which means if you set both options and your Expert is wired via Ethernet, Wifi won't be used. Addiitonally if you did not configured Ethernet on a Pro Expert, and wired your device via Ethernet, your Expert will automatically use it as a protocol.




3. All is set, what should I do now?

if you follow all above instructions, you will then have connected your Expert to Devialet Air®, for this:

  1. Select on your Amplifier the right source (Ethernet or Wifi) for non-pro device, for this use the "Source" button of your Remote. (Note: for pro device is not requiered as Devialet Air® will automatically switch your amplifier to the right source).
  2. Launch Devialet Air®
  3. Devialet Air® icon will be then set just aside the clock on the taskbar of your Windows and on the top bar of your Mac device
  4. Make a right click on Devialet Air® Icon, to get all options available.
  5. Select your amplifier which will be visible below "Disable Devialet AIR" (in the screenshot below the amplifier name is "My Devialet".




4. What options are avialable with Devialet Air®?

General Settings:
To access Devialet Air® Options/Settings, make a right click on the Devialet Air Icon (from the tasks bar) and select "Settings"

The only options available from there are

  • "Launch Devialet Air at Startup". So every time your computer is starting Devialet Air® will be loaded.
  • Target device buffer - this option is there to select the proper buffer size you accept to use before playing into your Expert. To access this option, you will need to click on the Padlock icon. to save it you will then to relock it.




Devices Settings: 

Only option for device setting is to automatic play to your Expert device, once it's visible on the network. 3 different options are available:

  • Never stream automatically to it.
  • Stream to it only if not already streaming.
  • Always stream to it automatically.





5. Any advice on player to use?

A lot of players are avialable on the market, it might be complex to find the one which is fitting your needs. Here are several players our customer are using:



6. Questions & Answers

Do I need to install Devialet Air® if I play music via USB?

No, Devialet Air® is not requiered to play through USB. Your computer will install a specific driver for this usage. On Windows the driver is avaialable into the Expert Configuration section of your profil. To set it up, you need to wire your computer to your Expert. 

For USB usage, the cable needed is a cable with a A-Male and B-Male

Recommendation: Please use a genuine High Speed 480Mbps USB 2.0 cable no longer than 2m (6.5'). 

Recommandation: Preferable installation will avoid to set a repeater or a USB hub between your computer and your Expert. Only use the USB ports directly connected to the computer's motherboard. 



  • When I launch Devialet Air®, I have a error message saying Sound Card Driver could not be loaded?

Devialet Air® 3.0.4 can generate a specific error message when launching it on a Windows PC. the error message is "The Air Virtual Sound card Driver could not be load". In order to allow Devialet Air to be launch properly, we suggest you to disable the secure boot on your BIOS.

You can find the steps to follow into the manufacturer of your PC website, otherwise, you can follow steps into the Microsoft Website


 Same error can happen on a MacOS, to fix this error message here are the steps to do:

  • Go into System Preferences
  • Select Security & Privacy
  • on the below option you will find the following mention "System software from developper "Devialet SAS" was blocked from loading" Click on the Allow button.
  • If this button have disappeared (which is the case about 1 hours after the Devialet Air Installation), Hold the Control button of your keyboard, and click on the Devialet Icon
  • Select the option "Open". The error message will appear again.
  • Return to Security & Privacy, the "Allow" button will re-appear. 



  • How Can I play tracks from my NAS to Devialet Air®?

Aside options available with Core Infinity such as UPnP, Devialet Air® can be use in your specific setup. For this, you will need to use a player which is able to find and play tracks from your NAS server into your computer (some references in the section 5 of this article could be the perfect match here). Devialet Air® is transmitting the signal to your Expert as it is with no up or downsampling - the core audio of your computer is by-passed in this type of setup.


I've been told that Roon onboarded Devialet Air® - what does it mean?

Thanks to our partners Roon, they worked to get directly inside Roon the protocol Devialet Air, which is allowing you to directly stream to your Expert (when available on the network).

As a customer, it also means that you don't have to setup Devialet Air® if you want to play with Roon into your Expert, you will only have to setup the option (options are available into "Settings"/"Audio" menu - all DSP options are also available from there).

What are Devialet's Recommandation with it comes to network setup for Air®?

Devialet Air® capacity to stream properly is mainly linked to two specific factor:

  1. Strengh of your Network
  2. Your computer Core utilization while streaming.

When it comes to network, the most steadiest way to deliver smoothly a good trafic and signal to your Expert will be to wire your amplifier to your main or satellite router via Ethernet. Quality will also depend on the available bandwith during your streaming time. 

Wifi is also a good option, but generally domestic wifi are getting a lot of interference from all home device that might use the wifi connection. However you can still set a seperate network for your streaming session via an additional routeur which will generate his own SSID only used for your Expert Streaming. We regularly suggest this option to our customer by using an Airport Extreme/Express from Apple to set it up. To get help for setting up this type of dedicated network, you can consult our Customer Care.

On the Computer utilization at the same time as streaming, our recommandation is to keep at his very minimum running process on the source device (Computer) and keep only the Player as software running. A lot of our customer are using a dedicated computer for the Streaming, in order to avoid sound quality while streaming. 

What is the minimum requierement for setting up Devialet Air®?

Devialet Air® 3.xx requiered at minimum:

  • Yossemite MAC OS or Above
  • Windows 7.0 or Above

Below this OS version on your computer, Devialet Air® is not supported 

Can I play DSD with Devialet Air®?

DSD which stands for Direct Stream Digital is a specific format of digital tracks - More details here

To play DSD files, we recommand you to use the USB capability of your Expert product. In view of the size of content on a DSD format, Devialet Air won't be able to run a smooth transportation of all informations which is in a DSD. 

Can Devialet Air® be used with Catalina ? And macOS Big Sur?

We did issue a new version of Devialet Air to fit Catalina requirement, it's available online for download within "your account" under the "Expert Configuration" section.

We did not develop a Air® version for macOs Big Sur.



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