My Phantom needs to be repaired- what can I do?


My Phantom needs to be repaired- what can I do?

If your product has been damaged inadvertently, physically, or electronically, we can repair it.

Please Note -  Depending on whether you are under warranty or not, some fees may apply.


Phantom I or Phantom II Repair 

Phantom Repair is only possible from our Devialet workshop located in France. It requires shipping your product, repairing it, and sending it back to you. Our customer care will give more information on this process.


What you need to know:

To repair your Phantom I or Phantom II, your customer service representative will ask you to provide:

  1. Pictures of the product to easily define the product's physical state condition (required for all repairs on Phantom)
  2. You will need a written confirmation that the restoration you seek is aesthetic, functional, or both.


As a product handled for an aesthetical issue won't be tested electronically and vice versa, please ensure the information provided to your customer service representative is accurate to get an efficient diagnostic. 

Please do not pack the product before getting validation from your customer service representative that your product meets our criteria for repair. Some additional tests might be required to confirm whether or not that your product is electronically impacted as well.

To open a request with customer service, complete the form HERE with pictures of the product and details about what the issue is.


Note: As we need the product to be shipped back and returned once repaired, there are some countries where our logistics partners can not operate. Therefore we recommend in this case to consult your reseller or your Devialet customer service to get more details if we can or cannot handle the repair for your country.


  • Prices:

We defined three prices per range (Phantom I and Phantom II). The price includes: 

  • Shipping cost both ways
  • The necessary outer protective product packaging. 

These prices are at their very minimum.


  • Devialet Care : 

If Devialet Care covers your Phantom, don't hesitate to contact our customer service representatives for more details. 

You must activate Devialet Care within 30 days after purchasing your Phantom to be eligible for its benefits.





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