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I can't see my local tracks on my Iphone within Spark

This issue might happen with IOS7, because your local tracks are not shared with other applications such as Spark. Message you will find then while browsing into your local track spark will be "No item found".

Please follow up the below steps to solve this issue:


  1. Close Spark
  2. Go into your Iphone settings.
  3. Select the Spark apps in the list
  4. Two options will be available from there - tick on the option "Media Library" to allow Spark to access your locals tracks
  5. Re-open Spark, wait until the full library is loaded



Products: Phantom | Version: 1.8.1

Setup: Solo, Duo or multi-room | Source type: LOCAL

Creation date: 23/09/2016 | KB article ID: SP0209

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