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How to use Spark?

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Spark is an easy to use application that will allow you to pilot your Phantom setup. Here are few details on how to use your Spark applications:


  1. Source panel
  2. Playqueue panel
  3. Rooms panel
  4. Track panel
  5. Panels on a Laptop's version of Spark
  6. Additionals panel


Source panel


From this tab you can:

  • Search by tracks, artist (Quick search - it will search on all your available source).
  • Browse from your sources (local, streaming plateform, Radios or our own playlists from Spark)
    • Play Now
    • Add to Playqueue
    • Play next
    • Go to artist
    • Add to Spark Playlist
    • Add to Playlist (on the current source you are browsing)
    • Add to Favorite (on the current source you are browsing)

The streaming plateform are available if you have a Dialog in your Phantom Setup. With no Dialog you won't have the possibility to browse on streaming plateform. Additionally this requiered a paid account in the streaming plateform supported (Tidal, Qobuz or Deezer)


Playqueue Panel

 From this tab you can:

  • Place track in your prefered order.
  • Save your playqueue (create a Spark playlist)
  • Change view (Icons or List)
  • Remove all track from the playqueue

If you select option on a specific track you will be able to:

  • Remove the track from the playqueue
  • Place the track at the end of the playqueue
  • Sort the playing order
  • Browse on the album (Go to Album)
  • Browse on the artist (Go to Artist)
  • Add this track to a Spark Playlist (Add to Spark Playlist)
    • Create a new playlist 
    • Add it to an existing Spark Playlist
  • Add the track to your favorite
  • Add the track to a playlist stored on your streaming plateform (Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal)


Room Panel


 This panel is used to:

  • Merge rooms (in order to play the same playqueue in 2 differents rooms) you will need to swipe the room you want to merge with the room where your playqueue is set.
  • De-merge your rooms, by swiping the one of the room on the bottom part, an Eject icons while making this movement.
  • Change the volume on rooms (note if you have two rooms merged, the mobile version of Spark won't offer you the possibility to change the volume per rooms)


Track Panel

 This panel is available from source or the Playqueue panel by slipping the bottom part to the top (like in screenshot above name A). From this panel you will be able to:

  • Play next
  • Play the prior track
  • Pause/Play
  • Select the shuffle order to play your track
  • Repeat the playqueue
  • Change the volume 
  • Mute button (not available if the track is played via Spotify)
  • Night mode (not available if the track is played via Spotify).

The blue ribbon inform you about which rooms are playing the current track. 


Panels on a laptop's version of Spark

All above navigation panel are for a mobile, in a laptop you will find the same panels but all of them are available at glance as shown below

  • In left part you will find the source panel.
  • In the central part you will find the playqueue panel
  • In the right part you will find the Track panel
    • The two arrows below the track information will swtich the view on the Room panel


Additional panels

Some additionals panels are available if you are selecting the tree dots on the top ribbon of Spark.


Devialet account will permit you to configurate your Devialet account (as shown in the below screenshot)

About will provide you the version of your Spark version you are currently using (as shown in the below screenshot)


Settings Panel

Two tabs are available from this menu, Sources and Devices.

Sources tab

This panel will allow you to:

  • Configure your Online music source such as Deezer, Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz or the Radio service.
    • Audio Quality per sources
    • Add/Remove an account on your plateform
  • Configure your local devices
    • Activate a source device (Phone, tablet or laptop)
    • activate your Itunes library
    • Add/remove path 


Devices tab

It will allow you to:

  • Configurate your devices
    • Activating the Optical source on a device
    • Defining the type of source on your device
    • Enable the Autoswitch for this source.
  • Identify the connectivity your device is on
    • Visible only for Phantoms devices
  • Identify how your system is configurated (rooms, left/right or Mix).
    • THis will also contains the Serial number and the firmware version for each devices
  • Send a bug report to the Devialet team 
    • This will create a demands to our Customer service and support team which is normally handle in a very short time based on the comment and content of the bug report.
  • Erase setup function will restart the setup process to re-configurate the system. 



Products: Phantom | Version: All

Setup: Solo or Duo | Source type: All

Creation date: 12/09/2016 | KB article ID: SP0205


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