How to start with Spark?


How to start with Spark?

Spark is an easy to use application that will allow you to pilot your Phantom setup. 

To download Spark, please visit the following website here

Here are few details on how to use your Spark applications:


  1. 1. Source panel
  2. 2. Playqueue panel
  3. 3. Rooms panel
  4. 4. Track panel
  5. 5. Panels on a Laptop's version of Spark
  6. 6. Additionals panel
  7. 7. Sources & Devices (into the Options tab)
  8. 8. Questions and Answers


1. Source Panel

From this tab you can:

  • Search by tracks, artist (Quick search - it will search on all your available source).


  • Browse from your sources (local, streaming plateform, Radios or our own playlists from Spark)
    • Play Now
    • Add to Playqueue
    • Play next
    • Go to artist
    • Add to Spark Playlist
    • Add to Playlist (on the current source you are browsing)
    • Add to Favorite (on the current source you are browsing)

The streaming plateform are available if you have a Dialog in your Phantom Setup.

. Additionally this requiered a paid account in the streaming plateform supported (Tidal, Qobuz or Deezer)





2. Playqueue panel

From this tab you can:

  • Place track in your prefered order.
  • Save your playqueue (create a Spark playlist)
  • Change view (Icons or List)
  • Remove all track from the playqueue

If you select option on a specific track you will be able to:

  • Remove the track from the playqueue
  • Place the track at the end of the playqueue
  • Sort the playing order
  • Browse on the album (Go to Album)
  • Browse on the artist (Go to Artist)
  • Add this track to a Spark Playlist (Add to Spark Playlist)
    • Create a new playlist 
    • Add it to an existing Spark Playlist
  • Add the track to your favorite
  • Add the track to a playlist stored on your streaming plateform (Deezer, Qobuz, Tidal)





3. Room Panel


 This panel is used to:

  • Merge rooms (in order to play the same playqueue in 2 differents rooms) you will need to swipe the room you want to merge with the room where your playqueue is set.
  • De-merge your rooms, by swiping the one of the room on the bottom part, an Eject icons while making this movement.
  • Change the volume on rooms (note if you have two rooms merged, the mobile version of Spark won't offer you the possibility to change the volume per rooms)


4. Track panel

This panel is available from source or the Playqueue panel by slipping the bottom part to the top (like in screenshot above name A). From this panel you will be able to:

  • Play next
  • Play the prior track
  • Pause/Play
  • Select the shuffle order to play your track
  • Repeat the playqueue
  • Change the volume 
  • Mute button (not available if the track is played via Spotify)
  • Night mode (not available if the track is played via Spotify).

The blue ribbon inform you about which rooms are playing the current track. 





5. Panels on a laptop's version of Spark

All above navigation panel are for a mobile, in a laptop you will find the same panels but all of them are available at glance as shown below

  • In left part you will find the source panel.
  • In the central part you will find the playqueue panel
  • In the right part you will find the Track panel
    • The two arrows below the track information will swtich the view on the Room panel








6. Additional panels

Some additionals panels are available if you are selecting the "Options" tab on the top ribbon of Spark.









Devialet account will permit you to configurate your Devialet account






About will provide you the version of your Spark version you are currently using (as shown in the below screenshot)







Settings which will be details in the below section of the article.





7. Sources & Devices (into the setting tab)

Setting have two differents tabs:


  • Sources

Where you will be able to configurate your streaming source (Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, Radio Stations, Spotify Connect or Airplay)


  • Devices

This tab will allow you to switch on or off your Bluetooth (each Phantom can have it's Bluetooth Chips configurated from there)

Activate the UPnP protocol (in the Dialog setting if you have a Dialog, or in the Phantom details if there is no Dialog in your setting)

You can also activate any Optical entry from this tab.


2 buttons are available in this tab:

  • Send Report: please follow instruction once you are in this option, this is a tool for our Customer Care to identify where a stability issue can be in your system
  • Erase Setup: Can be used when you need to redefine your room setting (such as adding a new device, or moving a Phantom into another place)





7a. Sources Tab

  • From this tab you will be able to:
    • Activate (or disable) your streaming plateform (Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz or Deezer) and add your credential
    • Select the Audio Quality for some of this plateform
    • Activate (or disable) the radio stations 
    • Set parameters for the Airplay source. 
    • Activate your local source 




7b. Devices Tab - details per device type

  • Configurate your devices
    • Activating the Optical source on a device
    • Defining the type of source on your device
    • Enable the Autoswitch for this source.
  • Identify the connectivity your device is on
    • Visible only for Phantoms devices
  • Identify how your system is configurated (rooms, left/right or Mix).
    • This will also contains the Serial number and the firmware version for each devices





7. Questions and Answers


  • What are the minimum requierement with Spark?

Spark is available for this below mobile/tablet plateform:

  • Android 4.4 (minimum)
  • IOS 7 (minimum)

Spark for Desktop is available for this below plateform:

  • Windows 7 (minimum)
  • MacOS 10.9 (minimum)

All prior desktop/mobile and tablet OS are not supported, it means that you might get it working if not we won't be able to solve your issue a part suggesting you to change your source device to the plateform minimum mentionned above. 

During the setup you will be informed on the steps to follow for the installation of our applications as well as for the configuration of your system. 

Note: on Windows, we strongly suggest to disable your anti-virus while making the setup, additionally please make sure that your firewall allows Spark in the Windows parameter. otherwise it might generate strange behavior (unable to play local track for example).

Note: if you are not notified when new software version is available on your device, please make sure that each time your firmware on Phantom is updated, you update Spark too. New features are linked between firmware and Spark, if both are not up to date, you won't get access to the new feature or the fix included in the new release. 


  • When I'm playing tracks from Deezer on Spark it only plays 30 sec of track then move to the next track. My streaming account doesn't work in Spark?

To play with no limitation Deezer track within Spark, you need to subscribe the premium offer on Deezer.

There are limitations if you are playing tracks with a free account, one the limitation is that Spark will be able only to play 30 secs. You can find details on subscription plan on Deezer here.

Note: More generally, for accessing your prefered streaming source (Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz or Deezer) directly within Spark, you will need to have a premium or a paid account.

If this is not the case, you can still use Bluetooth or Airplay to stream this source to your Phantom.


  • What are the track format can be played in Spark?

Spark is able to read the following format:

  • HE‑AAC (V1)
  • AAC (from 16 to 320 kbit/s)
  • WMA (16 bits)
  • MP3 (from 16 to 320 kbit/s)
  • MP3 VBR
  • Apple Lossless
  • AIFF
  • WAV
  • FLAC
  • OGG


  • I'm not able to play local track on my Phantom from my Windows PC

You are able to see  the tracks, adding them on the playqueue, but you can't play them.

This issue is due to your firewall parameter, you will need to allow Spark on the configuration of your firewall.

  1. On your Windows PC, click on the windows logo
  2. Select "Parameter"
  3. Select "Internet and network"
  4. Within the tab "Wifi" at the bottom of the option list click on "Windows Firewall"
  5. Then on the left panel "Allow an application or a feature via the Windows firewall".
  6. On this new windows, click on the button "modify the parameters"
  7. Tick on all Spark instance available on the list 
  8. Click on "Ok" to confirm this parameter.

Note: This steps above are for Windows 7, 8 and 10


  • I'm connected to my streaming service(s) (Tidal/Deezer/Qobuz) but I can't see them as source in Spark or I've got a message "An error occured" while entering my credential in Spark

In some case, it's possible that you will received an error message while you are trying to browse or use this source/plateforme. It can happen that Dialog is losing the connexion to this service(s)/plateforme(s).

This can also happen when you are entering your streaming plateform credential. Then a red message appears saying "an error occured".

In this case, the easiest way to re-activate your streaming plateform, will be to refresh your dialog:

  1. Deactivate the streaming services in Spark app (Settings>Sources)
  2. Quit Spark
  3. Unplug Dialog from the mains for 10 seconds
  4. Plug back Dialog and wait for 30 seconds
  5. Launch Spark
  6. Activate the streaming services (Settings>Sources)
  7. Log in the streaming service

NOTE:  If Spark is requesting it, please enter your login and password associated to this streaming service to complete the refresh.


  • Even if I have activate the Itunes Library I can't access to my tracks

If when a iTunes library is set as source within Spark but not available when browsing on the source, please check if the following is set:

  • Open iTunes
  • Select "Itunes" then "Preferences", and "Advanced"
  • Ensure that "Share iTunes library XML with other applications" is ticked on.



  • There are missing letters in Spark on Windows

User interface of Spark might be affected by your windows parameter, in this case you will have to adjust the fonts size to ensure a proper visual on Spark. To change this parameter please follow the below information:

  1. Close Spark
  2. Right click on your Desktop 
  3. Select "Display settings"
  4. A setting windows will pop up, update in this windows the parameter "Change the size of text, apps and other items" to 100%
  5. Close down this windows once the parameter is at 100%
  6. Re-Open Spark


  • When I play local music, an error message shows “Not readable”

Two reasons can drive to this issue in Spark:

  • Your tracks are protected 

    Some music plateform (like apple music) are protecting the tracks they are selling with DRM (Digital Rights Management). Spark is not able to read this protection, so he will show the track with the mention "Not readable".

    From Spark, when you play specific local music, Spark shows the error message «Not Readable».

    In order to protect their music from piracy, some editors encrypt their music with DRM (Digital Rights Management).

    This protected music can't be read within Spark.

    There is some possibility to remove the protection by contacting the music provider.

  • Your tracks are hosted in the "Cloud"

    When the tracks your are trying to read is not hosted into your local device, Spark won't be able to read it and will display aside the track the mention "Not readable".

    To solve this type of behavior, please download locally the track from the application you have purchase the products, and re-open Spark.

    For itunes you can find the icons and their definitions in the following page:

Note: If you are using Phantom with BlueTooth, there is no need to use Spark, therefore, you won’t have problems to read encrypted or not stored locally music.


  • I can't see my local tracks into Spark on my Iphone 7

This issue might happen with IOS7, because your local tracks are not shared with other applications such as Spark. Message you will find then while browsing into your local track spark will be "No item found". Please follow up the below steps to solve this issue:

  1. Close Spark

  2. Go into your Iphone settings.

  3. Select the Spark apps in the list

  4. Two options will be available from there - tick on the option "Media Library" to allow Spark to access your locals tracks

  5. Re-open Spark, wait until the full library is loaded


  • Sometime my neighboor are connecting them to my Phantom on Bluetooth and play loudly.

This could be surprising to get the Phantom working by himself while you are not playing music. Your neighboor is probably trying to connect to use his Bluetooth and get connected to your Phantom - in this case when you are not using the Bluetooth of your Phantom, it's preferable to disable it:

  1. Open Spark.

  2. Go into "Options"

  3. Click your Phantom Device, and switch off the Toogle button aside Bluetooth



  • How to play spotify Connect into my Phantom?




You’ll need Spotify Premium to use Spotify Connect

  1. Add your new device to the same wifi network as your phone, tablet or PC (see product user instructions for details).
  2. Open the Spotify app on your phone, tablet or PC, and play any song.
  3. If you’re using the app on a phone - tap the song image in the bottom left of the screen. For tablet and PC move to step 4.
  4. Tap the Connect icon 
  5. Pick your device from the list. If you can’t see it, just check it’s connected to the same wi network as your phone, tablet or PC.


  • Is there an equalizer in Spark?

    • There is currently no equalizer in Spark. 




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