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Do I need a driver for Expert's USB on Windows

Customer who are using the USB port of their Expert amplifier in order to connect a Windows device on the other side, will need the USB Driver for Windows.


In order to download the driver please follow the below steps:

  1. Open your internet browser and go to http://en.devialet.com/configurator/advanced 
  2. Open the left side menu and select "Your account" on the downside of the menu.
  3. Log you on with your credential (email address and password associated)
  4. Then go into the "Expert configuration" section.


If you scroll into this section you will find the USB driver for Windows, please download it and install the driver into the Windows device which will be connected to your Expert amplifier.


NOTE: UPDATE from 21 August 2017 - the USB driver have been removed and will added again into our website, if you need the driver it's attached to this article.

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