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I just purchase my second Phantom, how can I add it into my system

If you are looking to add another phantom in your system, you will need to make a full setup, in order to place correctly the new Phantom (from a room perspective).

Adding a new Phantom required to revamp your rooms setting, there is no other options than erase your existing Spark setup and redo the installation via Spark.


To erase your current setup please follow the below process:

  1. Open Spark into one device only (it's better to have only one instance of Spark during the setup)
  2. Go into the "Setting" options
    • On a mobile device, click on the tree dots on the top banner
    • On a desktop version of Spark, on the bottom left side, click on "Settings"
  3. Select then the tab "Devices"
  4. On bottom part of this part of Spark you will find a button named "Erase Setup", click on it.
  5. Spark then ask you to re-run the setup by clicking on the Start button


Products: Phantom | Version: 1.7.1 firmware

Setup: Solo, Duo or Mutli-room | Source type: NA

Creation date: 03/08/2016 | KB article ID: SP024


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