Is Phantom a movable speaker?


Is Phantom a movable speaker?

  1. 1. Phantom I (Premier)
  2. 2. Phantom II (Reactor)


1. Phantom I (Premier)

Phantom I (Premier) is made to remain at the same place, however, you can still take it with you.

For a long distance or a trip, we strongly recommend using our accessory Cocoon. It's the best way to protect your Phantom when you move to another place or when you are traveling. Cocoon is carrying bag specially designed to fit perfectly the Phantom's shape. You can find more details here.

To understand better why the Phantom needs to be protected, here are some specs:

  • Weight is 11,4 Kg
  • Width is 253 mm
  • Height is 255 mm
  • Depth is 343 mm

By the way Phantom I (Premier) needs to be wired to an electrical input. It's not a nomad device



2. Phantom II (Reactor) 

If you are always on the move and you don't want to leave the best sound at home, maybe Phantom II (Reactor) will better fit your needs. Here are the Reactor's specs:

  • Weight is 4.3 kg
  • Width is 219 mm
  • Height is 157 mm
  • Depth is 168 mm

For more details, please look at the Reactor's site here

We issued an accessories for this mobility purpose, you can consult details here

By the way Phantom Reactor needs to be wired to an electrical input. It's not a nomad device


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