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Love is in the Air (Devialet AIR 3.0.4)

Dear Expert owners,

Over the last few months, our engineers have been working hard on a new version of Devialet AIR.

We would like to share with you the latest beta versions for both Mac and Windows and collect your valuable feedbacks. Every streaming set up is unique and testing in many environments will help us build the software you want. 

Also, on this page, we will share the latest news about AIR development and try to address general questions about the software. However, as this page is intended for general discussions, you may be asked to contact our customer care team for specific cases.


Update on 17/03/2017

Dear all,

Thanks to all your feedbacks, after months of beta testing, our engineers are happy to announce that Devialet AIR 3 is officially out!

You may download AIR 3.0.4 for OSX and Windows in your member space on https://en.devialet.com/expertpro/

Feel free to share your input and feedback on AIR 3.0.4 on this page!



Installation protocol:


  • Quit AIR and any application using AIR
  • Uninstall the current version of AIR
  • Install the new version of AIR
  • Reboot


There are no specific requirements for Mac users.


Feedback gathering protocol:

Whichever issue you might encounter, our engineers will always need some contextual information in order to be able to reproduce the problem, understand what is happening and fix it.

If anything goes wrong, please do not hesitate to tell us about it and provide us with the following informations that will help us identify the source of the issue:

  • What operating system are you running AIR on?
  • Are you using a virtual or physical machine?
  • What type of your computer are you using?
  • What resources (CPU, RAM, optical or SSD drive) are available on your machine?
  • Do you have a firewall, antivirus or any kind of security tool enabled?
  • Which AIR version are you using?
  • Which AIR target device settings are set?
  • Which audio player are you using?
  • Which audio player settings are set?
  • Are you playing local audio tracks ?
  • Which web site are you streaming audio tracks from?
  • Are you playing one or more audio tracks simultaneously?
  • What are the format, sample frequency and bit depth of your audio track?
  • Is your computer used for any kind of CPU / bandwidth consuming task while playing?
  • Is your network used for any kind of bandwidth consuming task while playing?
  • Are your sending audio data from your computer using WiFi or Ethernet or USB?
  • What Expert model are you using?
  • Are you receiving audio data from your Expert using WiFi, Ethernet or USB?
  • What is the distance between each network device when WiFi is used?



Update on 19/10/2016

After analyzing all your feedback, some bugs have been reproduced, and fixed on the Windows Air version:

  • Devialet Air 3.0.1 public beta changelog:
    • Source of the "Vinyle effect" heardable on the Beta 3.0.0 public release have been fixed
    • Sources of some "White noise" that may appear on the beta 3.0 public beta have been fixed
    • some other minor bugs have been fixed as well

Before installing this beta, we recommend you to unistall the current Air version you have on your PC and to disable any anti-virus during the setup of the new version.

Also some firewall are blocking the communication between Air and your Expert (in Air you can't see your amplifier), please make sure you are allowing Air in your firewall setting to revert this issue

We let the version 3.0 public beta available on this page in case you need to keep this version.


 Update on 08/12/2016

Dear Friends, 

Today we are happy to announce Air 3 Release Candidates for both MacOS and Windows. Our engineers have solved almost all known issues. Some are still hard to reproduce, like random installation problems or disconnections on Windows and sudden drops on MacOS. We could really use your help to test thoroughly on all platforms and versions.  Please download and install for your system. We really value your feedbacks!

I removed the prior beta & RC versions and let the last RC version (3.0.2 for Windows & 3.0.1 for MacOs)


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  • 3

    On July 20th 2016, Quentin Sannié responded to the infamous "Please Devialet, do not forget you existing customers" ipetition (https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/devialet).  It closed with:


    "...We will create and manage an online page where you will find all the latest about our work on Expert. And also where you can share your experience with other Expert owners. Sharing is caring.  As a general matter, I will make sure our teams get better at understanding your needs and communicating on a regular basis with you. Bringing you audiophile happiness is the reason we are all going to work with a big smile on our face every morning.  Quentin Sannié, CEO, and all your friends at Devialet"

    7 Months later, as far as I can tell, nothing has happened.

    There is no online page for all the latest work on Expert (is there any work going on, there hasn't been a firmware update with anything new in it for ages?), or a space where Expert owners can share experiences with other owners. No one at Devialet appears to be any better or more interested in understanding their customers needs, and no-one appears to be communicating with customers on a regular basis.

    Don't get me wrong the new Pro hardware is good, but the petition wasn't about that, it was about AIR and Devialet's attitude towards customers.  Very little seems to have changed.

    Whats the ETA for AIR to have all its bugs fixed and released as a final version?

    Whats' the ETA for information/specs on the upcoming streamer board, and how are you going to ask your customers for their feedback on what they want from it? 

    What's the ETA on the above promises from Quentin Sannié?


  • 3

    Dear Seb and all who voiced their opinions here :

    I have bought my Le200 for almost two years. From day one up till this moment, I still think Devialet is a revolutionary high fidelity product.

    However Devialet has not done enough to address and make response to the enquiries raised by the users or about the issues around its product. I am NOT saying it must say yes to add whatever new features/functions requested by the customers. It is not practical and no need. But please let us know what Devialet is thinking, planning, doing to address the problems we are facing when using your product.


    I am sorry Seb is the only one to answer all our inputs here. More resources should be given to Seb. It might be similar case for even Devialet Customer Service Staff who might not be well informed what they should respond when receiving opinions or say complaints, e.g. white noise.  

    The CEO told that Devialet would improve on communication. But sorry not too much has been seen. 

    I hope the whole Devialet staff and the bosses themselves would spend some times to read these threads and make responses here right at these threads and win our hearts back.


    The above is not a complaint but the voice from a die-hard fan of Devialet.



  • 2

    Out of interest, what happened to all the other love Devialet promised? Communication with its user base, Streamer Board details, etc etc

    Sad to see that after all this time dropouts are still being reported here, yet Devialet ignores the rock-solid and stable alternative of Roon's RAAT.

    On the streamer board front, Devialet should really take a look at Chords latest offering - the Poly.  We have really high expectations of Devialet's streamerboard when we see what can be achieved in the tiny footprint of something like this, and for an estimated retail of £499.  Its hard to imagine that Devialet would feel comfortable offering us less in their internal streamerboard given the apparent retail of £1,000 plus. Ok, we don't now the SQ of the Poly, but the point is these kinds of technologies are becoming commonplace, even on tiny portable devices:  

    768 PCM, 512DSD, Bluetooth, wifi, airplay, RoonReady, Dlna, 9 hr battery and an SD card.  In a unit 50x62x22mm. 


    It's also interesting to note it's shipping early 2017, and they actually know what it is they're shipping. Crazy stuff.  We prefer to guess.... :)

    Edited by hifi_swlon
  • 2

    Sebastien - You state in your reply to Kevin and Markus 'you can be confident that we are working to improve all this areas'

    In my experience, confidence needs to be earned.  You also make a number of comments as to how busy every one is and refer to focus on other projects.

    Taking all this into consideration, I have very little confidence that anything at Devialet is properly planned.  Take the most recent events.  There is talk of a new remote app, then all Devialet deliver is an untested update that gives a wonky image on an iPhone screen and no additional functionality.  Looking back, there have been issues with  AIR, configurator bugs, issues with spark, etc., none of these are fully resolved.

    To be honest this post is not aimed at Sebatien.  I think the confidence we the customers would need will only follow when we see results, that is Devialet delivering on their promises.  For the outside it looks like Devialet are under resourced and incapable of planning.  Such issues need to be addressed from the management downwards, not from our man Seb typing polite words because he has no time or recourses to do anything else.

  • 2

    I've been holding off writing too much here, as I wanted to see how things progressed.  We were all ideally hoping to see huge communication improvement, with a new area for discussion about 'all things Devialet' (as per the famous petition promise), which sadly hasn't materialised. 

    So I'll keep it short as this is an AIR topic.

    Firstly, hats off to Seb for how he's dealt with things here. It's a shame he's the sole voice, but bearing in mind the pent up frustration in so many Devialet owners - myself included - it's nice to finally see at least some hint of communication and a sense of the real people working at Devialet. I don't think having one person fielding queries will work long-term (you can sense further frustration building) but it's a start. Hopefully the promise will be kept and things will improve very soon.

    There was talk of an area for discussion of the new streamer card functionality, and that directly relates to AIR. So since it hasn't yet materialised I will say this - AIR has never worked for me and it still doesn't. I've run out of interest trying to trouble shoot why, having wasted countless hours, culminating in many purchases to circumvent it, finally using a microRendu and Roon, but I also went through other options along the way. It was expensive, frustrating and upsetting since AIR was advertised as making the Devialet a 'one box solution' which was far from the case for many of us. 

    So here it is:

    * Please make Devialet Experts RoonReady with the new streamerboard. *

    On the same network where AIR failed, Roon's RAAT has worked faultlessly for more than a year.  It's robust and well designed.  Many of us use Roon and would be glad to never have to use AIR.  PLEASE DONT RESTRICT THE STREAMER BOARD TO UPNP AND SPARK. THIS NOT WHAT WE WANT.

    OK, some people want AIR and are enjoying it, and of course it should work properly as advertised. But please take on board what many of your customers want.  

    Of course, an apology is one thing, as-is finally putting resources into getting AIR working properly (after years).  Why not offer the new streamer board for free to all customers who suffered AIR issues continually since they bought their Devialet's?  After all, if you're happy to publicly admit that it didn't work and you should have performed better, why not then do the right thing and at least offer some form of compensation.  Would it be so hard to make the streamer board backwards compatible and offer it as a 'thank you' or a 'sorry' - thank you for your patience and understanding, sorry for the false advertising and slow speed to address the situation.  Worth thinking about.  There's a lot of goodwill to restore among your customer base..... 

    OK, in hindsight after the edit I didn't keep it short, but it was fairly short considering its summarising probably thousands of related posts from myself and other users on other forums.


    Edited by hifi_swlon
  • 1

    The feel is so good we can talk direct and have the response of Devialet on the official website. It is definitely a good start.




  • 1
    Sébastien Faure

    Dear all,

    Hope you are all doing well. 

    thanks for all your feedback.

    @Steiner - I've seen you ticket as well – if no bit perfect is available on the apps, it will keep the bit definition of the track so

    @Cy - let's try it with the next beta release we are close to issue. 

    @Gibson and all – appreciate your feedback and want to clear this out, if I was not available this was because we double our CSS team size across the globe in less than 3 weeks. More people, means more availability and more channel coverage (not only over the phone or email). I believe this is an important signal a step up from us that our customer's matter and we are moving forward to be more close and communicative with our expert and phantom community.

    any feedback is welcome. 

  • 1


    Je viens d'installer la beta Windows 3.. Semble Ok en format CD. Inutilisable en 24/96: craque comme un vieux vinyle poussiéreux ! ...

    Tablette Surface 3 - Windows 10 -  Même problème en utilisant Qobuz player ou Foobar 2000.







  • 1
    Kevin Hughes

    I'm very disappointed to learn you think you have updated the app, Devialet need to understand that this level of none delivery makes you look very bad.  The android version has been crashing since Android 6.0 came out, you have admitted it needs fixing but now seem to have given up.

    Not extending the apps functionality is also way overdue, you have added features to the amps (like RAM) that really need to be adjusted from the listening seat, not from on top of the amp.  Putting this control into the app would be a huge usability improvement.

    You asked for suggestions to improve the AIR desktop app, it should be able to control the amps fully, and by that I mean everything that can be done either via the remote control, or the RS232 port.  This program should also accept instructions from other programs (e.g. Roon) so that total control would be available to other developers, without you having to give up control.  This would avoid topics like (https://community.roonlabs.com/t/need-help-from-devialet-roon-community/12891/18) which sould be embarising to your company.

  • 1
    Armin Khatoonabadi


    I'm using Windows 10 on a Sony Vaio tablet PC. Streaming through Deezer local app and/or website. My device is a devialet 120 which wired to the network while my PC uses wireless connection.

    I have noticed two issues so far:

    1- the devialet Air is disabled each time I pause the music or when YouTube is moving from a video to the next one. Then I need to re start the Air through task pad.

    2- there is a high frequency tick that I hear on all the songs. Just like the ones you used hear on old phonos. It is not load and doesn't have any specific rhythm. Sounds like a lost bit.


  • 1
    Markus Apfelbeck

    @Sébastien: After your CEO's last anouncment i was hoping that devialet is taking the community communication much more serious than before. But this means it needs dedicated resources which spend at least a certain amount of their time trying to hear and react to the voice of the customer. It is s shift of mind asking product manager, developers, customer care staff to actively get involved into this form of communication. I haven´t seen the model "one spokesman" engages with the entire community working before.

    And why do you wasn't to invent the wheel once again new? Just copy the existing working communities out there (e.g. Roon forum - I don´t like their product but they have an efficient way to listen to customer feedback).

    #DevialetRemote: What is so difficult in providing a simple remote software for IOS and Android. (I do not even need playback from mobile devices but a simple full featured remote as universal app would do the trick for me). If Devialet is not able to provide this, just publish the API and the development would start tomorrow.


    Do not break what finally started to be a good idea in starting long discussions on the format, the tool or even worse resource shortage.

    Hearing the VOICE of the customer needs a mind set which starts with the CEO and should impact everyone @devialet.

    Edited by Markus Apfelbeck
  • 1
    Cruise Control

    On Mac Mini with DevialetAIR-3.0-release-candidate installed on it, when I play the tracks from different albums (using Audirvana Plus), it does not  pass to the next song and play it if  it's in a different album(Devaialet Air Ethernet). I MANUALLY PRESS stop and then play button on the song to play it(the driver should first be released and then triggered again)..

    But when I change the driver from AIR Ethernet to Devialet USB Audio 2.0 (everything else is the same), it works as expected, passes to the next track and plays it even if that next song is in another album.


    Edited by Cruise Control
  • 1

    There's no bitaccurate setting in beta 3.0 for Win like on the previous versions.
    Already had to change the default device twice to my desktop speakers because Windows changed the Devialet AIR device as default device so youtube video's and other Windows sounds started playing through my main speakers.

    [Windows 10 / Foobar2000 (WASAPI (v2.1) Devialet AIR / 16bit setting / 16bit/44kHz flac-file) / AIR-Ethernet [wireless computer to router - wired router to devialet]


    edit: Installed the latest WASAPI drivers for Foobar and using event mode now. Now it's not possible anymore to play YouTube and Windows sounds now though the music playing on the Devialet (even when setting AIR as default playback device). So that seems solved for me now! :-)

    Edited by Cy
  • 1



    Is there any news for Devialet AIR 3.0 release candidate (for Mac). All we seem to hear about is Devialet Air 3.0.1 public beta, but nothing for a long time about AIR for Mac.


    Are devialet going back to their normal communication protocol: advising ........???


    PS      Sébastien, do you still work at Devialet as the last comment you had on this thread was the 21st October - 5 weeks ago!!!

    Edited by John
  • 1
    Kevin Hughes

    I'm having the same problem as CY above ...

    "Already had to change the default device twice to my desktop speakers because Windows changed the Devialet AIR device as default device so youtube video's and other Windows sounds started playing through my main speakers."

    It changes the default audio device the first time AIR connects each time the amp is booted up.  After the amp is booted up and the default device is changed back it no longer changes the default when AIR connects, until the amp is shut down and restarted.

    It should never change the default audio device, at least not without an explicit option requesting it to do so.


  • 0


    using Devialet 120, AIR 3.0 Rel. Candidate with ETH direct connection.

    As you decided to remove bitperfect-mode for iTunes I bought Audirvana as player in ITundes Mode.

    Audirvana Direct Mode does not work. Disabling Aurdirvana Direct Mode works, but

    >> every material available in 16 Bit/41,1 kHz (AIFF format) is played from Ausdirvana with DAC-setting 24 Bit/41,1 kHz.

    Why is Audirvana unable to switch to the correct setting? Playing higher reolution files switches the Devialet to the correct settings, but 16 Bit/41,1 kHz is alsways played 24 Bit/41,1 kHz. I guess, Audirvana does (unwanted) upsampling in this case.

    What is the problem or the solutions?

    Thank you and kind regards




  • 0


    I am also experiencing audible clicks/pops on hi-res streaming (24-96 or 24-192) same as Armin and Patrik on Devialet AIR 3.0 public beta.

    16-44.1 material looks like playing fine without pops/clicks.

    I've also tried what Sebastien suggested, disable "load startup items" but without luck, pops are there.

    I'm running desktop PC, i5 3570, 16GB RAM, system on SSD, music database on HDD. PC and D120 LAN wired to router (CAT7).

    System: Windows 7 ultimate 

    Player: JRiver 20

    Best regards,


  • 0
    Markus Hübner

    Using 220 Pro and latest MacBook Pro I still got drop outs, sometimes noise (when using for example Safari or Chrome parallel). When will an updated RC / final version of AIR be available?

  • 0
    Dr Tone


    I also encountered the no sound on sample rate change.  I'm a Roon user and I was able to solve the problem by increasing the resync delay to .5 seconds.

    Roon describes the Resync Delay as such:

    This setting causes Roon to pre-roll a period of silence each time it switches sample rates.  This gives the hardware a chance to synchronize to the new rate before the music starts.


    Maybe JRiver has an equivalent setting?


  • 0


    Est-ce que le lecteur (Audirvana, Roon) a une influence sur la qualité du son ou Devialet Air a une totale indépendance face à celui-ci? 

  • 0

    I have successfully played music through the Devialet using USB and sent it back to the Mac via USB to be recorded using Audacity.

    Using AIR to play music, only silence is sent back to the Mac via USB. Or, if you prefer, nothing is being sent back via USB.

    True of all versions of AIR on all versions of OS X

    Edited by canyelles
  • 0

    First of all I would like to say that I welcome Devialet's 'Love is in the AIR' initiative.  That is the creation of a 'mini forum' like this, allowing a direct interaction and sharing of information between Devialet and the customers / users of Devialet products.

    However, this initiative is currently limited to AIR only.  OK, AIR has been a big issue, but there is far more to consider.

    For example, Devialet have recently launched the 'Pro' range of amplifiers, together with an associated upgrade scheme.  The upgrade scheme is due to start very soon, and it is possible to order / buy the new Pro models now.  The Pro models apparently come with a new 'streamer board', which according to Devialet's own figures has a value of £1300 / Euro 1500. 

    So we are being offered the chance to buy a Pro (or upgrade), and this requires full payment now, with a promise of the streamer board in the future.  At the time of writing, there are virtually zero details of what this streamer board is, it's functionality, or indeed what it might offer in terms of sound quality. 


  • 0
    Michael Connelly

    Well, I've now had Win 10 AIR 3 beta kick into white noise 4 times.  Here are the scenarios...

    - Twice it occurred while I was using the Win 10 desktop computer that is running AIR and RoonServer.  Both times I was doing something that likely created some network traffic.

    - Once it occurred while I was changing input on the Devialet from Ethernet (AIR) while it was playing.  When I went back to Ethernet input, I got the white noise.

    - The last time I tried remoting into the desktop running AIR while AIR was playing and it immediately kicked into the white noise.

    Not sure if this info can help troubleshoot, but it certainly seems like the PC running AIR is sensitive to load - perhaps just network load.


  • 0
    Sébastien Faure

    Dear all,

    Some answers on my side.

    @Peter, Thanks for the feedback- I share it with the team (it's very encouraging), we will indeed try AIR Sierra before issuing the final release. More to come

    @Uroš Kositer - sorry, no Linux version at the moment in the pipeline.

    @Patrik, thanks for the feedback, our Customer service and support team is handling your demand through the ticket you have opened this week.

    @Armin - we are starting the test phase - could you please tell me for the second point what is the sample rate set for Air (cf. screenshot below), as I'm suspecting the same issue as Patrick. thanks for your feedback

    @ hifi_swlon - We will try to reproduce the issue with DSD


    Edited by Sébastien Faure
  • 0

    It looks like my bad luck with AIR continues... The previous versions have never worked for me (audio cutouts and crashes), but I thought I´d try this one.

    Unfortunately I´m getting the driver could not load/please restart computer error every time the computer boots or I try to start the AIR software. 

    Installing to different directories and disabling other audio drivers makes no difference, still same error. System is a new clean installation Win10.

  • 0
    hiroshi miura

    Hi , when I play iTunes songs, it will not play to the next song as many of you pointed out. Further more, even after I removed Devialet air 2, I see still Devialet air in sound out in system. And when I play on MAC (without Devialet expert) , songs don't play in order.I think there must be some solution tips  in order to improve the software.


    my data:

    expert 200 with firmware 10.0,2

    mac pro 13 inch 2012 os sierra

    mac mini 2014ver, os sierra

  • 0
    Bjorn Wiman Imac

    Hello everyone,


    As suggested above - why not have a iTunes setting in Air instead of delsting "bitperfect"?!?





  • 0
    Markus Apfelbeck


    generally the Air 3.01 Beta works quite well, however some parts about the protocol are worrying me.

    If you have more than one windows client trying to access the devialet, you end up in a total mess. Both drivers firing UDP packets to the destination producing funny noises. Is there any resillance or fault tolerance build into the protocol itself?

    Does the protocol provide any handshaking after you startet the UDP streaming?


  • 0
    Dr Tone

    Actually I got the silence last night again for the first time in a long time, so my suggestion didn't work.

    One other note I did reduce the normal 1000 ms buffer to 500 ms in the Air driver have you done anything similar, I wonder if putting it back to 1000 ms will help?

    Fortunately for me Roon has a long press on the play button feature to reinitialize the sound device and that fixes AIR for me.  Not a big chore at all.

  • 0
    Bjorn Wiman Imac

    Hello all,

    As suggested above from another participant, I would like to see that the bitperfect funktion is kept when using iTunes. The drawback of sound quality when using Air 3 compared with Air 2.3 is huge.

    Wouldn´t just be possible to include an "iTunes" setting/selection in the menu of the official Air 3.0 release?


    Best regards


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