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Love is in the Air (Devialet AIR 3.0.4)

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air 3 beta

Dear Expert owners,

Over the last few months, our engineers have been working hard on a new version of Devialet AIR.

We would like to share with you the latest beta versions for both Mac and Windows and collect your valuable feedbacks. Every streaming set up is unique and testing in many environments will help us build the software you want. 

Also, on this page, we will share the latest news about AIR development and try to address general questions about the software. However, as this page is intended for general discussions, you may be asked to contact our customer care team for specific cases.


Update on 17/03/2017


Dear all,

Thanks to all your feedbacks, after months of beta testing, our engineers are happy to announce that Devialet AIR 3 is officially out!

You may download AIR 3.0.4 for OSX and Windows in your member space on

Feel free to share your input and feedback on AIR 3.0.4 on this page!

Installation protocol:


  • Quit AIR and any application using AIR
  • Uninstall the current version of AIR
  • Install the new version of AIR
  • Reboot


There are no specific requirements for Mac users.

Feedback gathering protocol:

Whichever issue you might encounter, our engineers will always need some contextual information in order to be able to reproduce the problem, understand what is happening and fix it.

If anything goes wrong, please do not hesitate to tell us about it and provide us with the following informations that will help us identify the source of the issue:

  • What operating system are you running AIR on?
  • Are you using a virtual or physical machine?
  • What type of your computer are you using?
  • What resources (CPU, RAM, optical or SSD drive) are available on your machine?
  • Do you have a firewall, antivirus or any kind of security tool enabled?
  • Which AIR version are you using?
  • Which AIR target device settings are set?
  • Which audio player are you using?
  • Which audio player settings are set?
  • Are you playing local audio tracks ?
  • Which web site are you streaming audio tracks from?
  • Are you playing one or more audio tracks simultaneously?
  • What are the format, sample frequency and bit depth of your audio track?
  • Is your computer used for any kind of CPU / bandwidth consuming task while playing?
  • Is your network used for any kind of bandwidth consuming task while playing?
  • Are your sending audio data from your computer using WiFi or Ethernet or USB?
  • What Expert model are you using?
  • Are you receiving audio data from your Expert using WiFi, Ethernet or USB?
  • What is the distance between each network device when WiFi is used?


Update on 19/10/2016


After analyzing all your feedback, some bugs have been reproduced, and fixed on the Windows Air version:

  • Devialet Air 3.0.1 public beta changelog:
    • Source of the "Vinyle effect" heardable on the Beta 3.0.0 public release have been fixed
    • Sources of some "White noise" that may appear on the beta 3.0 public beta have been fixed
    • some other minor bugs have been fixed as well

Before installing this beta, we recommend you to unistall the current Air version you have on your PC and to disable any anti-virus during the setup of the new version.

Also some firewall are blocking the communication between Air and your Expert (in Air you can't see your amplifier), please make sure you are allowing Air in your firewall setting to revert this issue

We let the version 3.0 public beta available on this page in case you need to keep this version.


Update on 08/12/2016


Dear Friends, 

Today we are happy to announce Air 3 Release Candidates for both MacOS and Windows. Our engineers have solved almost all known issues. Some are still hard to reproduce, like random installation problems or disconnections on Windows and sudden drops on MacOS. We could really use your help to test thoroughly on all platforms and versions.  Please download and install for your system. We really value your feedbacks!

I removed the prior beta & RC versions and let the last RC version (3.0.2 for Windows & 3.0.1 for MacOs)


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  • 0

    Default Playback Device stealing bug still occurs ofc!

    Really annoying: after all this time still no fix for this.

  • 0

    Disappointingly, DSD on OSX still doesn't work for me. Just get static noise.

    Perhaps others have had more luck?  If not it doesn't seem like much testing has been done as its so easy to reproduce.  This was also reported many many months ago.

    Will leave it running on PCM files to see if any crackles appear.  I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised after the long wait.....

  • 0

    The previously reported issue with the settings user interface at high screen resolution combined with the Windows setting "Change the size of texts, apps, and other items " still remains, see screenshot below.

    Sound-wise and in terms of stability it seems to work well. Played around four hours last night without any problems.

    Edited by Patrik
  • 0

    Well, I never thought I'd be able to say this - having been plagued by crackles and horrible weird sounds since I bought my first Devialet about 2 years ago now - but I've had 3.0.4 running all night and morning on high-res files, and not a single crackle so far.

    Will keep experimenting over the coming weeks and see how it progresses - but so far its the most stable its ever been for me.  

    It's been a long wait, but Devialet may have finally redeemed themselves, well, at least in part. Full redemption will only come by making the new streamer board RoonReady.

    Shame about DSD not been resolved.  Hopefully this can be fixed soon.

    Can I finally relax with my Devialet playing over AIR?



    Edited by hifi_swlon
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    Installed it on my Win10 Lenovo Tiny M900 PC with Roon.
    Installation gave no problems and it worked from first launch. Sound is perfect, as it was before also.

    The basis is off course that you have a well configured and working network and PC at home.


  • 0
    Petri Kosonen

    Is there any information available when a new version of the AIR is going to be released?

    Currently the AIR 3.0.4 is causing my Windows 10 computer to crash to a bluescreen on daily basis.The crash dump files are saying that the crash was caused by Devialet AIR.

  • 0

    Any update on the fix for DSD on Mac?

  • 0

    Hi, I'm experiencing lost connections on mac OS Sierra running AIR 3.0.4. This occurred since the pre-releases of AIR 3.0 and the final version has NOT fixed the issue for me.

    AIR can run for a while with no issues, then suddenly the connection is dropped. Once it has dropped, it is difficult to get it going again. The little AIR icon in the status bar becomes grey.

    Selecting "My Devialet" from the AIR menu sometimes results in the sound appearing again, but most often not. Generally, I have to restart AIR and the music player (iTunes or Qobuz player), sometimes even restart the Mac.

    Recently, I changed the setting from "never stream to it automatically" to "always stream to it automatically". Now, reconnection happens almost always automatically, but the connection is still dropped as often as before.

    My wife has the same issue on her Macbook Pro 15" running Sierra.

    As you can imagine, this is rather bad publicity when we're doing hearing sessions with familly and friends. People suddendly think : oh, it was to good to be true. Not ready reliable yet.

    System settings:

    • Macbook Air or Macbook Pro running 10.12.5
    • iTunes, Qobuz player 4.0.14, Audirvana Plus 3.0.7
    • Airport Express
    • dedicated D-Link 1Gbps switch

    Connection is either wired through the D-Link switch, or wireless via 802.11n 2.4GHz. Wired drops as often as wireless.

    I am happy to run beta/debug software or provide more information if necessary. I speak French if it helps.


  • 0

    Sorry to hear that, caram. It must be embarrassing if the music drops when you arelistening to music with your friends. You speak French and most probably you can also write in French. If yes, I think you can write your experience in French so all of them at Devialet could understand your problem more.

  • 0
    Armin Khatoonabadi


    I tried to install the Air 3.04 on a new Windows laptop today and it states the sound card driver doesn't have a digital signature and thus doesn't let it install properly.

    Has anyone else had this issue before? I don't want to turn off the signature check on my laptop and I really shouldn't have to.


  • 0
    Morten Handberg

    Thank you Devaliet for making Roon support AIR. Devaliet + Roon is a killer combo. I think this was a very good decision :-) And makes happy customers.


  • 0

    Now that Roon can turn the Expert on and off, is there any chance to see this appearing in Devialet AIR ? This would be a most welcome addition.

    Also, when I close Devialet AIR, Roon stops seeing the expert as a source. This seems contradictory with the claim that Roon has Devialet AIR integrated in its code.

  • 0
    Darrell Tunning

    where is the AIR 3.0.4 download ??????

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