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I'm not using any streaming plateform, is there any interest to purchase your product?

Beside any personal taste, the sound of Phantom is immersive and have no comparison possible on the market as well as the design of the product and his compact aspect.

From a source perspective, Phantom is not limited to streaming plateform (Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify or Deezer), there are few more possibilities such as:

  • Bluetooth for playing any sounds from a source device (like tablet, Phone or a laptop)
  • Local track - all your library will be playable within Spark (expection for any secured tracks with DRM)
  • Via optical - to connect your TV for example or any other device which will become a sounds source for your Phantom.


Products: Phantom | Version: All

Setup: Solo, Duo or Mutli-room | Source type: All

Creation date: 08/07/2016 | KB article ID: PH0206

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