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I have sometime a crackling sound while playing in my Phantom

Since the version 1.7.1 Phantom firmware and the 1.5 version of Spark, you may hear occasionally some crackling sounds when playing via your optical.

This is a bug we identified with our customer's help and our dev team are working to solve in a near futur. 

This happen only when you are playing via Optical via the Optical entry of your Dialog.

Note: There is an available workaround that can avoid this issue the time we solve it with an firmware update. We suggest to plugg your optical cable into a Phantom optical entry. The issue will not appear this way. If you are in a Phantom DUO setup, the sound will still be played on your both Phantom because the Dialog will dispatch the stereo even if the sound signal is firstly send to a Phantom. 


Products: Phantom | Version: 1.7.1 firmware

Setup: Solo, Duo or Mutli-room | Source type: Optical

Creation date: 03/08/2016 | KB article ID: PH02013

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