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Release note DOS 1.8.0 and Spark 1.6.2 (25/07/2016)

Devialet OS 1.8.0


New features:

  • Adding support for IPv6
  • Adding support for recently played radio stations


  • Improved Phantom solo setup
  • Playqueue allows up to 10,000 tracks
  • Improved PLC reliability
  • Improved system setup reliability
  • Improved update reliability
  • Improved speed to save large playlist in Spark playlists
  • Reduced the level of the setup sound design

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue leading to failed download of Dialog or Phantom updates
  • Fixed an issue leading to unstoppable playback on Phantom
  • Fixed an issue making Spotify connect unavailable until next boot of the Phantom or Dialog
  • Fixed an issue leading Phantom to not reconnect via Wi-Fi to Dialog or home network
  • Fixed an issue leading to the use in rare cases of an incorrect format for TIDAL online music service
  • Fixed an issue with playback when multiple Phantoms use different interfaces (PLC + Wi-Fi)




Release note Spark 1.6.2:


New features:

  • New user interface for the browsing tab on mobile
  • Metadata (Track title, artist, album name ) that cannot be fully displayed on screen now scrolls
  • Playlist are now searchable
  • Adding support for podcast on iOS
  • Adding tooltips in the settings


  • Improved launch time of the application
  • Improved support for back button in search on Android
  • Restore remove button for each track in the play queue for Windows and Mac
  • Adding an easy way to empty a text field (using the X sign)
  • Improved support for tablet (better rendering)
  • Improved support for some Android device (devices that where discarding some network traffic)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a few major issues preventing the setup to end well
  • Fixed an issue leading to crash when playing a track on iOS
  • Fixed an issue forcing the application to request a setup of all the devices at startup of Spark
  • Fixed an issue leading to strange behaviour when inserting an album in the play queue while in shuffle mode
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