Do I need an amplifier to use my Phantom speaker?


Do I need an amplifier to use my Phantom speaker?

No, there is no need to add another device to the Phantom System, it's an all in one system. There is, inside our Phantom product range, our technologies called ADH®. ADH® operates through the following enslavement principle:

  • A genuine class A amplifier directly connected to the speaker drives the output voltage: as the master, it sets the sound of the whole ADH® core. That’s why what we hear is pure analog sound.
  • Several class D amplifiers are added in parallel to provide the speaker with the current it requires to sustain the output voltage. They act as slaves to the master class A amplifier, minimising its workload.

An illustration of this principle is the power steering of a car: the driver is setting the car's direction, assisted by a powerful engine to help turn the wheels , making the driver’s job effortless and hence more precise.

A specific class A amplifier is required to fit in the ADH® core: although it is most of the time highly assisted by the class D amplifiers in providing current to set the ideal voltage to the speaker, it must also be able to output a high current over a short period of time, and absorb the ripple current of the digital amplifiers.

This is achieved by a very innovative scheme for the ultra-linear class A of the ADH® core, whose level of performance is often compared to the best class A amplifiers on the market.


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