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I was using my Phantom in Bluetooth, now I would like to make a Wifi Setup

To swtich from a initial usage on Bluetooth to a Wifi setup, you will need to reset your Phantom, otherwise the wifi protocol won't be activate nor visible. 

please follow the below steps for running a reset and see the "PhantomSetup" which is requiered to finish the Wifi setup.

  • Unplugg your Phantom about 30 seconds.
  • Plugg it back and wait about 30 seconds
  • Press quickly 3 times on the back button of your Phantom, it will emit a "Clac" sound which means that your Phantom is on his initial state (such like when you use it for the first time)
  • Open Spark, and follow instruction 
    • For dowloading Spark please follow this link: http://en.devialet.com/phantom/app-spark/​ 
    • Note: make sure you source device (the one you are using to run Spark) is connected to your domestic wifi signal. 

If you are making a normal setup via Spark your Phantom will be able to play via bluetooth and via Wifi. 

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