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I have an orange ribbon in Spark saying that One phantom is missing. What should I do?

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This happens when the Wifi signal is not strong enough to support your Phantom setup. Your home wifi signal is used by a number of different device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc...) which are consuming bandwith, additionally some services are using this bandwith.

The size of the bandwith is one of the most important parameter to get your phantom playing properly. Our first suggestions is to unplug during 15 secs your dialog and Phantom, then replug them.

After waiting about 30 sec, if this message is still appearing, we strongly suggest you to get a dedicated wifi signal in place just to get your Phantoms set up. 

In general we recommend our customers to use an Apple airport express to set up a dedicated wifi signal.

Follow these steps below to get your Airport express set correctly:

  1. Plug the airport to your router in Ethernet
  2. Plug the dialog to the airport in Ethernet
  3. Configure the airport to create a wireless network (Nat+DHCP)
  4. Connect your computer/phone to the airport’s network
  5. Open spark and proceed to the set up


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