My Phantom is bluetooth but I can't see the bluetooth option into Spark

If your Phantom firmware is not completely update. We have an option to re-update your Phantom firmware and make re-appear the bluetooth protocol, we called this the rescue mode.

  1. Plug your Phantom(s) to your internet routeur via an ethernet cable.
  2. Plug your Phantom(s) to a power stripe with an on/off button (if you have more than one Phantom please use the same power stripe)
  3. Turn on the power stripe for 7 secondes, then off for 3 secondes
  4. Proceed to the "on/off" sequence 4 times consecutively
  5. Wait for the sound to start again

Note: the sound design will appear when the firmware will be download, so the time to get the sound design after this process will depend on your internet comminucation. 

You should from there get your bluetooth back again into your Phantom system.


If for some reasons you are facing some issue to proceed this steps, please reach out to our customer service and support team.

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