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How to use my Remote?

If you have purchased a Remote, please follow these instructions:

  1. Please remove the protective strip to activate your Remote
  2. Wait until the light stops flashing
  3. Keep your Remote returned close to one of your Phantom to perform pairing
  4. When your Phantom is paired it will move its membrane and beep.

You can now control the volume of your Phantom system from Remote.

Moreover, you will find information about the reactions of your Remote:

  • If the light blinks 4 times, it means your Remote is not paired with your Phantom.
  • If the light pulses slowly, it means your Remote is paired with your Phantom
  • If the light fades slowly, it means that batteries in your Remote becomes low. you will need to change your batteries soon.


Additionally if needed you can download the Remote user guide below:

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