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What are the differences between SAM V1 and SAM V2? What are the benefits of SAM V2?

There are no differences in the way the engineers measure the speakers, nor in the way they elaborate the SAM® profile. The quality and precision is the same in both versions.

The theoretical functioning of SAM® is not changed between the version 1 and 2.

However, theoretical work has been done in order to add the possibility of piloting passive radiators speakers.


The major difference between SAM® V1 and V2, other than the possibility to measure passive radiator speakers, concerns the utilization at high volumes when the protections we set are activated. It now activates itself in function of the signal sent to the speakers and not on the volume anymore. This is an asset when listening to soft music with little bass content such as classical music.


Today, all the speakers we have measured have a SAM® V2 profile.

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