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What is SAMlab? Will the SAMlab come next to me?

In order to obtain a SAM® profile, we need to study deeply the speakers. We used to have two engineers working full time on SAM®.

Our goal is to share the SAM® technology with everyone and make as many speakers SAM® ready as possible. We succeeded in miniaturizing the SAM® laboratory into a portable device: the SAMlab. Thanks to this tool, we are now able to measure about 10 speakers a day, when we used to do 10 a week.

The SAMlab has been made exclusively for Expert, it connects directly at the back of the system and is run only by a Devialet engineer.

SAMlab events will take place in collaboration with our dealers. The dealers will themselves inform their customers when the Devialet engineer and the SAMlab will be coming. You can also follow the SAMlab tour on the SAM® page on our website. You will be able to see all the upcoming dates and locations following this link: http://en.devialet.com/expert/#sam/

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