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In my system, one of my Phantom is not playing music

If this type of behavior happen, we suggest you to do this steps in the following order:

  1. Unplug from the electric outlet the Phantom that not playing music
  2. Replugg your Phantom to the electric outlet
  3. Wait about 30 sec.
  4. Check if your Phantom is playing the same sounds as his group/room.


If after this steps your Phantom is still not playing music and the other one are still playing, then follow this process below:

NOTE: this steps by steps process will stop the music and deleted you play queue.

  1. Open Spark
  2. Select "Setting" on the left side of the apps 
  3. Select then "Devices" on the top option 
  4. Click or select the button "Erase Setup" 



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