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What can I do if I receive a bad configuration or illegal configuration message with my Expert or Expert Pro?

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In order to protect the Devialet from undesired behaviour, it is not allowed to manually modify the configuration file outside the online configuration tool or change the file name. It will lead to a "bad config" message on the display. Some other message can be displayed on your device to express you a problem with the config file such as "Wrong config" or "SD Card Error"

An "illegal" message indicates an error in the configuration file production. Just try to generate a new configuration file and load it again in your Expert.

If the problem persists please have a try with another SD card or another browser for downloading your configuration file (browser cache sometimes can corrupt your config file), indications on how to format the SD card are available in this article here

Note: We have identified a bug with the current configurator which is generating the SD card error almost all the time. We are working to fix it as soon as possible, in between, you can work around this issue this way (please follow the step below or just look at the video below).

  • Update your configuration by activating (temporarily) the wifi protocol
  • Add a SSID and a password (if you are not looking to activate it, you can put false information in these two fields).
  • Disable the wifi protocol by clicking on the wifi panel side of the configurator.
  • Download your configuration and save it into your SD card
  • Restart your Expert with this new configuration it should fix your SD error message 



Products: Expert | Version: All

Creation date: 04/08/2016 | KB article ID: EXP0202



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