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How to install your Phantom system without internet connexion or local network?

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To set up a Phantom system with or without Dialog, you will need a local network as the infrastructure to use Spark. If you don't have one, then you need to create it yourself with a router.

We recommend here the Airport products from Apple for their simplicity and stability. Here are some instructions to help you, for more exhaustive information please visit apple's support site.

If you have a new Airport product, just plug it to the mains, or you need to reset it by pressing long time the button show here in the picture, right, up, under the sign play, until you see the front led flashing rapidly

If you are on mac:

Launch your Airport Utility from your launch pad, other, as shown below

Select "Other wifi devices in the window", follow the instructions to set up a new network.


If you are on Windows:

  1. First download the airport software from here, install it. It will create a virtual network. Connect to it. If a  Windows Security Alert appears, just choose both private network and public network and clic on "Allow Access". 
  2. Then a window of Airport utility will appear, clic on "OK".
  3. Let the utility guide you through the process of creating a network.
  4. Then follow the instructions of the following to install your Phantom system:


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