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Using Airplay on Phantom (via an Airport Express)

Note: Gold Phantom and the new generation of Phantom are natively AirPlay-compatible. The presence of one AirPlay compatible Phantom or a new generation Dialog extend the AirPlay functionality to your whole Phantom system.

To find out if your Phantom(s) or Silver Phantom(s) are AirPlay-compatible, please click here


There is an additional way to stream via Airplay in Phantom & To use Airplay on your Phantom system via an Airplay. To add this possibility you will need

  • an Airport Express
  • Minijack Toslink cable (cf. picture below)

Please follow instructions to set up your Airport Express: Here (link to Apple website)

Then connect your Airport Express to your Phantom, please follow instructions here

Then play your music through Airplay and Spark

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